Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FACEme Tour ~ Dare to Show Your Beauty

Are you ready to FACEme? The real me? The one without makeup?

My writing friend, Jaime Wright, asked me to participate in this blog tour. At first, I was a bit hesitant. Show a picture of myself without makeup? I've never left my house without applying my mascara. Seriously.

But I sensed God had something to say to me, so I told Jaime yes.

As I think about makeup, I don't just limit it to the cosmetics I apply on my face. Makeup can be worn in any area of our life where we see imperfections.

Generally, I don't wear a lot of makeup when I'm at home, because that's where I'm able to let my hair down and be real.

When I first met my husband, I wouldn't be caught without my makeup on! But it doesn't take long before you start revealing your true self to the ones you love, both your inner and outer self--imperfections and all.

I'm so thankful my family thinks I'm pretty, no matter how I really look.

The same is true with God. I've been downright ugly before Him--yet He thinks I'm pretty. He says I was made in His image. God is beautiful beyond description...doesn't that make me the same?

There's no amount of makeup on Earth that can cover up your true blemishes with God. He sees it all, and He still calls you his beloved.

I love being real with my family and with God.

Now it's time to take my makeup off and be real with all of you. My greatest desire is that it will cause you to feel comfortable being real with me.

I've had people tell me that my life looks perfect, and I feel that this wrong impression keeps them from drawing close to me. I'm not perfect--no one is. I think we make a big mistake when we look at someone else's life and think they've got it all together.

Some of us have just learned how to apply "makeup" to cover up the blemishes in our lives.

Have you ever had a fight with your spouse on the way to church, but when you arrive, you bury the fight behind a smile, and no one knows you've been fighting? Have you ever seen an unexpected visitor coming up the sidewalk, and you shove everything in the entry closet (or the oven, like my sister), so your house appears clean? Have you ever been on the phone, with your hand over the receiver, so the other person can't hear your children fighting, or the toilet flushing?

All of those things are forms of "makeup." A way for us to cover up the truth, because we don't want others to see our imperfections.

But here's the thing. I don't feel like I can bond with a friend unless she's real with me. If she's been in a fight with her husband, and actually admits it to me--I feel like she trusts me. When I go to her house, and it looks just as messy as mine, I feel like I can invite her to my house without cleaning for days. When we're on the phone, and I can hear her children fighting in the background, it makes me feel like I'm not alone in my mothering.

If a friend doesn't take off her makeup with me, she probably won't become a close friend. I want to see her true self, blemishes and all, so I'm not afraid to show her my true self.

And that's what I long to do today. Reveal the true creation God designed. No makeup. Just me.

I want to be real with you, so you can be real with me.

So here I am.

And since we're keeping it real, here is a picture of me after a day of cleaning, shopping, and breaking up fights between my children.

My daughter saw this picture and said I look happy--I think I just look tired.
Each of us needs to realize we don't have to wear "makeup" at all times. It's good to find friends who see us at our worst and still love us. God made us beautiful, exactly how we are. Let this verse be the cry of our heart: "I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well" (Psalm 139:14).

You are God's creation and you are wonderful! Together, let's face the world without our makeup on!

I'd love to see you post a picture without makeup today! Use #FACEme and don't forget to follow the #FACEme Tour!!

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Your Turn: Do you wear makeup every day? What blemishes in life do you tend to "cover up" the most? Do you have a friend who keeps it real? What do you admire about that person?

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