Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Entering the Frasier Contest

A year ago I decided it was time to start pursuing my dream to be a published author. I didn't know the first thing about getting published, but I was excited to find out! Little did I know how much I would learn in one year.

In many ways, learning about the publishing industry us like learning a new language. Not only did I discover foreign acronyms like POV, WIP, RUE, and CP, but I also learned about Beta Readers, Dark Moments, Head Hopping and Pitching – and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Without a guide to help me along the way, I would have easily become lost in a sea of confusion.

Along comes MBT – what? Another acronym? MBT stands for My Book Therapy and it's one of the lifelines in this industry.

My Book Therapy was founded by multi-award winning author Susan May Warren. I can't speak highly enough about Susie. Not only is she an incredible author, but she's also one of my favorite writing craft teachers.

I've been fortunate enough to attend the Pitch & Promotion Seminar at ACFW (don't get me started on another acronym!), and the Storycrafter's Retreat in Otsego, Minnesota (close to my home!), plus I'll be spending a week with her at the Deep Thinker's Retreat in Destin, Florida next week.

My Book Therapy is truly one of the best organizations available to aspiring authors. Through seminars, retreats, classes, teaching books and personal one-on-one book therapy, MBT has it all – but wait – there's one more thing MBT has: The Frasier Contest for unpublished authors!

This is the first year I've entered the Frasier Contest – and I can't wait for the feedback I'll receive. One of the most valuable tools to help me learn this new language is the honest and helpful feedback from other writers. Whether the news is good, or not so good, I know I can trust MBT to deliver constructive criticism of my writing. The Frasier is a great way to have an unbiased eye look at my story and give me the truth I need to make it better.

If you’re on the fence about entering the Frasier Contest, let me assure you that your time and money will be well spent. My Book Therapy is a stellar organization and I’m proud to be a member.

What about you? Have you entered the Frasier Contest before? What advice do you have for an unpublished author thinking about entering a contest?

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Entries for the 2013 MBT Frasier Contest for unpublished novelists will be accepted through Sunday, March 31, at 11:59 p.m. The contest is open to Voices members. The winner will receive a scholarship to a My Book Therapy coaching retreat ($500 value). Final round judges are award-winning author Susan May Warren; literary agent Steve Laube; and Shannon Marchese, senior fiction editor for WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. For more information, FAQs and to enter, visit www.mybooktherapy.com. 


  1. Gabe, thank you so much for writing this post! I'm pumped that you're entering the contest this year...and that you had such truly kind and encouraging things to say about MBT. I love Susie and Rachel Hauck's heart for helping us writers...it's made all the difference in my own journey, that's for sure. I have no doubts you'll have a wonderful Frasier experience!

  2. I haven't entered the Fraiser before, but I think contests with quality judges and feedback are super valuable! :)

  3. Yep, I entered last year and am planning to enter this year too! Woohoo!

  4. I entered last year and got FANTASTIC feedback. ACFW's Genesis and First Impressions contests are also great for getting feedback on a MS. Winning doesn't even need to be factored in to make them ALL worthwhile.

  5. I'm considering entering-- the feedback sounds amazing, and all my experiences w/ MBT (webinars and articles) have been amazing!

    1. BTW (more acronyms, ha!)-- we did your masking tape train track idea last week- big hit! Thank you!

  6. Go, go, GO!!! I've never entered, but have heard great stories about the great feedback and experience. GO! GO! GO!

  7. Gabe--good for you! The Frasier was THE first contest I entered after I'd been writing less than a year, and the feedback I got was priceless. I'm hoping to have my new story ready enough to submit an entry in this year's contest. :) I loved all that you shared here. :)

  8. The Frasier really is a great contest. Totally agree.


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