Monday, March 11, 2013

Minnesota Monday: Playing in the Snow!

We've been blessed with so much snow this year! Last year at this time, there was none. This year, it's over my three-year olds' heads. We had another storm after these pictures were taken, adding another couple inches of snow/slush/ice.

Minnesota weather can be so fickle - which is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much.

He was so excited to be out in the snow!
His boot got stuck in the snow - both boys kept
telling me: "I stuck, Mama! I stuck!"

They are anxious to use their swing set!
The next storm - it was warm enough my hubby was only
wearing a sweatshirt outside. You can't tell, but this storm
dumped a weird mixture of ice, rain, slush and snow.
It stuck to the branches and was so pretty to look at.

This picture was taken last year at the same time!

What about you? Is the weather in your neck of the woods similar to last year? What do you like most about your weather (and this isn't an invitation to brag about how nice it is where you live right now!)?  :)


  1. I live in PA, and this past weekend was a refreshing breath of spring air. Temps will drop for a few days, but hopefully our snow days are over. I'm so ready for sunshine and green grass and blooming flowers and blue skies...just no more snow! :)

  2. I heard peepers last night! Oh, they are so not going to make it. We sometimes have snow in April even down here in NC.

  3. Haha, well if I can't brag...I don't have much to say about the weather where I live!! :P

    And what kind of machine is Dave using? I've never seen something like that!

  4. Lisa - I am ready for Spring, too!! All that talk of green grass and budding flowers is giving me a case of Cabin Fever. :)

    Sarah - I'm not sure what a peeper is! A bird? The only birds we have around here right now are swans, bald eagles, ducks and we saw some kind of blue heron the other day - but we live on the river, most others don't see those birds in the winter.

    Lindsay - I had a good laugh. :) The boys even looked at me funny. It's a snow-blower. He owns two of them, this was the smaller version. Usually the snow goes blowing for about ten-twenty feet, but this snow was so thick and slushy, it kept getting clogged up. When you come to visit in June it will be in storage. :)

  5. We had the third driest January and February on record here in the great Sacramento area. March has been unseasonably dry as well, leading to growing concerns about the dismal snow pack in the mountains and water needs in the coming summer. The forecast this week here in the Sierra Foothills is sunny and 70s. I'd gladly take some of that winter weather off your hands at this point.


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