Monday, October 14, 2013

A Book Review ~ Rebellious Heart

I recently read Rebellious Heart, by Jody Hedlund. From the first scene in a New England Courthouse in 1763, I was completely captivated by the characters. I couldn't read fast enough. I truly felt like I was standing alongside Ben Ross and Susanna Smith as they walked through their passionate, though perilous, adventure.

I loved watching Jody weave this tale. Many times I stopped and marveled at how she brought in certain elements to deepen the story, add character sympathy, and transform Ben and Susanna--not to mention other key players. Her storytelling caused me to dig deeper into my own current work-in-progress and look for ways I can strengthen it--which, to any writer, is the true test of a story.

There wasn't a dull scene or unimportant conversation in Rebellious Heart. My eyes slid across the words without tripping and I don't even remember turning a page! I even used up my own precious writing time to keep reading. This is a fantastic story--definitely on my top ten list of all time.

Jody is fast becoming one of my favorite, must-read authors. My only disappointment is that the rest of the day is stretching before me and I'm done with Susanna and Ben's story. Now I need to clean my house and think about what's for dinner.
~ ~ ~ ~
In 1763 Massachusetts, Susanna Smith has grown up with everything she's ever wanted, except one thing: an education. Because she's a female, higher learning has been closed to her, but her quick mind and quicker tongue never back down from a challenge. She's determined to put her status to good use, reaching out to the poor and deprived. And she knows when she marries well, she will be able to continue her work with the less fortunate.

Ben Ross grew up a farmer's son and has nothing to his name but his Harvard education. A poor country lawyer, he doesn't see how he'll be able to fulfill his promise to make his father proud of him. When family friends introduce him to the Smith family, he's drawn to quick-witted Susanna but knows her family expects her to marry well. When Susanna's decision to help an innocent woman no matter the cost crosses with Ben's growing disillusionment with their British rulers, the two find themselves bound together in what quickly becomes a very dangerous fight for justice.

Have you read Rebellious Heart? Have you read any of Jody's other books?


  1. Love Jody's books! Can't wait to read this one!

    1. Anne, it was so good. Each book Jody releases becomes my new favorite, but this is definitely going to remain at the top of the list! I loved it.

  2. What a great review, Gabrielle! I can't wait to read this story!

    1. You'll love it, Jill!! So happy you won a copy on my blog. :)

  3. Replies
    1. It was so good! I'll definitely be reading it again. :)

  4. Replies
    1. There was so much I loved about it! I'm a softy when it comes to Colonial America. The history is so fascinating to me, so the book was already a winner in my mind before I even opened the cover. :) So happy you liked it, too, Lindsay!

  5. No, I haven't read any of Jody's books, but I intend to do so. I am looking forward to reading Rebellious Heart, as my first Jody Hedlund novel.


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