Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Novella Edits

I started blogging about my writing journey almost three years ago. It hardly seems possible! The past few years have been truly incredible and I've so enjoyed sharing the journey with you.

This week I took another step down the path toward publication. I received edits for my second novella, A Groom for Josette, releasing July 1, 2015 with Barbour Publishers. It's thrilling to see the editor's email come through!

I've been blessed to work with an incredible editor at Barbour. She's been so kind and complimentary, yet she isn't afraid to tell me what needs to be changed or addressed in my stories. I eagerly welcome her feedback. I love making my story better and the best way to do that is through editing.

When I write something, and read it over and over again until I can almost recite it from memory, I tend to stop seeing the obvious. An editor comes to the story with fresh eyes and can help me identify areas that need a bit of work. It's not her job to change the story, but to strengthen it.

It's also fun to get back edits, because they come a few months after I've finished the story. This helps me to go back into my manuscript with my own fresh set of eyes. It's a blast to revisit the hero and heroine--like chatting with old friends.

I will send my revised story back to the editor and she'll go through it one more time, then send it back to me for any last minute changes. After that, I won't see it again until it's printed!

I can't wait to share this story with you. I hope you enjoy reading A Groom for Josette as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Your Turn: If you're a reader, do you have any questions about the editing process? If you're a writer, what is your favorite stage in the story-making process?

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