Friday, February 6, 2015

Galley Edits for Four Brides and a Bachelor

I took one more step towards the publication of Four Brides and a Bachelor. The galley edits arrived!

A collage of the images I used while writing my story.
Starting from left: Hazel, Mary (who is much more subdued
in this photo than she is in the story!), Genevieve & Sarah.
Which one will capture Luke's heart?

After the book is laid out and formatted, a copy is sent to the author and this is called the galley edit stage. According to Wikipedia, "Galley proofs [or edits] are so named because in the days of hand-set letter-press printing, the printer would set the page into galleys—the metal trays into which type was laid and tightened into place—which would then be used to print limited copies for proofreading. The printer would then receive the edits, re-arrange the type, and print the final copy."

Some galleys are printed on paper and sent to the author for final proof, and some are sent electronically, as mine were.

This is the very last time I'll have a chance to change anything in my story. I'm able to make small changes, here and there, but nothing major. The time for the major edits has come and gone.

It's so much fun seeing my story formatted for a book! I thought I'd share the first and last page of the galleys for you. :)

I was especially excited to see the galleys, because it's the first time all nine novellas are in the same place. I was able to take a sneak peek at the other stories in the book! You guys are in for a treat!!

Your Turn: Have you ever heard of galleys before? For writers, what is your favorite stage of the publishing process? For readers, what stage do you think you'd enjoy most?


  1. I'm so happy for you (and for me, too!). It was truly a special thing to see the galleys. What a treat. Congratulations, Gabrielle!

    1. It is special! I'm thrilled to be in this collection with you, Suzie! I can't wait to hold this book in my hands--and I'm sure you feel the same way.

  2. So exciting, Gabrielle! Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing the sneak peek. :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Kiersti! It's so much fun to share these images and anticipate the story being read by people other than me. :)

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