Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fun: Minnesota Style, Off to the Zoo

I'm simply amazed at how quickly the summer is slipping through our fingers. Thankfully we've made the most of our summer vacation and we've made some great memories. Two weeks ago my mother-in-law stopped by unexpectedly and asked us to visit the zoo with her. We were excited to get out of the house and spend time at one of our favorite places.

Our local zoo is the second oldest in Minnesota and it's undergone major renovation over the past ten years, making it a great destination for thousands of people to visit. Each Christmas, my parents buy us a family membership for the year, so we have the chance to go to the zoo countless times. It's a great gift!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this last visit. I hope you enjoy this little peek into Minnesota!

The zoo has a great adoption program and my
second oldest "adopted" a Prairie Dog a couple
years ago. Here she is with "her" Prairie Dog!

My twin in green was a little leery of the timberwolves
(you can see his hand over his brother's arm). When the
wolf came into view he said: "MOVE!" And pulled his
brother away from the fence...

They both ended up on the ground and I snapped this
picture as they were getting back up! The next time he
saw the wolf he ran off and said: "HIDE!"

After the zoo, we went to the adjoining playground. I
played on some of this equipment when I was little!

My kiddos have amazing determination - you can see
some in this picture of my youngest twin!
What about you? Do you like visiting the zoo? What's your best memory from this summer? Where do you enjoy taking your children, that you visited when you were a kid?


  1. Gabrielle - What a fun post! Isn't it amazing watching the world through our children's eyes and remembering the way things were?

    One day I'd like to take my kids back to the jungles where I grew up - on the mission field in Papua New Guinea - but that would be quite a trip.... Who knows? The Lord might have something wild up His sleeve....

  2. Love the zoo & I happen to be a huge fan of the walking away shots!
    ~ Wendy

  3. So cute! We love the zoo. Unfortunately it has been too hot to go very often this summer. Hopefully, we can go more in the fall.

  4. Oh my so much cuteness!! I love it!
    Thanks for sharing, Gabrielle.
    Bless your sweet family, have a wonderful day!


  5. Yay, I love the zoo! One of my favorites is the Henry Doorley Zoo in's awesome. Cute photos!

  6. The place my family went most, when I was a child, was Colorado (over Christmas break each year). We still haven't gone there. The good part is, we have been trying to take the kids to places we've never been either. So far, we've been to Disney World, and Mt Rushmore (that was this summer). We've vacationed in Florida as well, but we'd both been there before we had children. We keep looking at maps trying to figure out where else to go. We would LOVE to take the kids to Pennsylvannia and Maryland...Washington DC....Grand Canyon, California, Yosemite National Park (Peighton wants to see Yogi Bear..LOL) And there are many more on the list. Next year we are hoping for Yosemite, and possibly Chicago. We just want the kids to have a good list of places they've been. And the memories we have been making while traveling are PRICELESS!

    As far as zoo's go....I have always loved the zoo. I would like to start incorporating a trip to the zoo's at all the places we go. It would be fun to compare them all..... When I was a teenager. I volunteered at the zoo in Little Rock Arkansas. (my mom had a friend who was a keeper there) So, I worked with monkeys and snakes...mainly the monkeys though. I had the chance to bottle feed baby monkeys....and pet and hold MANY exotic animals. My most memorable moment was when some other zoo brought in baby white tigers and we got to go in and play with them.... It is something I'll never forget!

    You're pictures of the kids at the zoo are great! Your kids are growing up so fast~ Seems like the twins just got here....

    Thanks for sharing about the zoo....we haven't been yet this summer. We need to add that to the list!

    Jennifer Bailey

  7. Becky - that would be an amazing trip to take your children on! I can't even imagine what it would be like to grow up in Papau New Guinea - I'd love to learn more about it one day! I hope you get a chance to return there.

    Wendy - I love the walking away shots, too (maybe you've seen more than one on my posts!). When we're out in public, especially in parking lots, I always say: "Grab a hand!" and we walk like that together. I'm usually at the front of the line and people always smile when they see us - I feel like a mother duck, but at least I know everyone is together!

    Julie - it's been hot here, too, but the last few weeks it's cooled quite a bit (yesterday it only reached in the upper 60's, which is so strange for Minnesota in August!). Today it's supposed to be in the low 70's - a perfect summer day!

    Ganise - thank you! We have a lot of fun planned for today. We're having a picnic in the park with four of our friends and their families - there will be 19 children under the age of 8! Kick ball, hot dogs and lots of laughs. :)

    Melissa - I'd love to see the Omaha Zoo! (We drive through that area usually once a year to visit my sister in Denver.) Zooz are such a fantastic place to bring children (and adults!). :)

  8. Jennifer - I love how active your family is! I was well traveled by the time I graduated from high school and it made me a more rounded individual. There's nothing like stepping out of what you know, into a world of strange and interesting things! It sounds like you've had quite the adventure this summer - and will again next year!

    How awesome that you volunteered at the zoo in Arkansas - I love learning new things about people I've known for years! Thanks for stopping by to say hello this morning. :) It's always nice to see your name here.

  9. How fun! No way could we visit the zoo here in the summer...we'd melt just like the snocones I used to get when I'd go as a kid. ;)

    Best memories this summer...definitely my cruise!

  10. The Zoo is awesome! In May, I visited the Edinburgh, Scotland Zoo to see the giant pandas, meerkats & more. So amazing! My Scotland adventure was definitely the best memory of this summer by FAR!

  11. I agree summer has flown by fast. It went super fast but that means I had fun. I'm glad that you had fun at the zoo! I haven't gone to the zoo in quite awhile instead I went to State Fair!

  12. Lindsay - I was at the Phoenix Zoo in 1996 during their Christmas Lights display - it was so beautiful! I can't imagine what it would be like during the summer!

    Donna - oh, Scotland! I've never been, but I'd love to go some day. It would be fascinating going to a zoo in a different country. Sounds like fun!

    Livia - the State Fair is an awesome place to spend some summer time, too! I've only been to our State Fair once, but hopefully we'll go again when the kids are a little older. :)

  13. Oh, your family is so precious, Gabrielle. I just melted when one of your sons said, "MOVE!" All the pics are wonderful - a very special day. The zoo was and is one of my favorite things to do, even though Wyatt and Paul are 13 and 15! Some things you just shouldn't grow out of. Bless you for blessing us vicariously:) You're the best.

  14. Hello, Laura! I think my family is pretty precious, too. My boys are starting to really talk and they make me laugh every day. I agree, going to the zoo is something you should never grow out of! Thank you for stopping by to say hello on this busy blogging day! It's been fun watching all the interactions on Colonial Quills! A very popular post today. :)


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