Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Preparations

I can't believe we're less than two weeks away from Christmas!

A few nights ago we had a big snow storm, with about ten inches of snow, so we're ready to celebrate the holidays in style. We plan to go sledding this weekend, bake cookies and deliver them to neighbors next week, and wrap all the fun presents we've bought or made for friends and family.

We've already had fun preparing for Christmas in many different ways, including decorating our Christmas Tree, as well as my parents' and Dave's parents' trees. My children are pros at hanging decorations!

Here are a few pictures of us preparing for Christmas...

We've already made three batches of Monster Cookies
with many more to come!
We've gone out and picked the perfect tree

Watched some of our favorite Christmas movies
(popcorn included!)

And marveled at the wonder of Christmas...

In what ways have you prepared for Christmas? What do you plan to do in the next two weeks?


  1. This is so fun! We did our Christmas tree last night and I just love how excited the kids get. You have adorable kids!

  2. Aww, fun photos! I have to confess I didn't do any Christmas decorating--my mom and sister did it for me. Haha. So thankful my family's looking out for me. :) In the next two weeks, I'll be hanging out with family several different times and multiple gatherings...this Sunday I'm traveling home to go to the Christmas play at the church I grew up in. So excited!

  3. I confess...I haven't done much Christmas celebrating yet. I'm in the big Christmas performance at our church this weekend, which is always fun but exhausting (we do 5 shows). I want to take more time to watch movies, etc. This year is just so...busy. But it always is, isn't it? I should probably try to take more time to enjoy the season. A week from Friday, though, Mike and I plan to do our annual look at Christmas lights evening. We drive around, then get pizza, and watch A Christmas Story (my mom's favorite). Can't wait for that! (Besides, then I'll be on vacation from work...that will feel so much better!)

  4. Sad to say we haven't done much except get the tree up (not decorated). We normally don't start until the kids are out of school and I can tie them down. Dealing with teenagers is a whole new experience. Our biggest challenge is getting everybody together in one place, at one time without distractions (work and cell phones)! But once we do...
    We enjoy hot chocolate while decorating the tree and watch It's A Wonderful Life. This year we are going to have a real family effort to decorate a Gingerbread house without slinging candy at one another (my boys Ack!)

  5. Aww.. so very precious...I love the last pic!! And I read your big splash stoy. You sure are blessed!

    For Christmas, I'll be spending time with family and friends :-)

    Merry Christmas to you and your fam! :-)

  6. Aw, I love the pics of your kiddos. Such warm Christmas memories!!! My daughter and I are going to make Christmas presents on Saturday. This year is our Pinterest Christmas. Which should be interesting since I have about as much creativity in my pinky finger as a turkey does in its tail feathers. Pray for me :D

  7. Those pictures are priceless, Gabrielle. :-)

    Our daughter likes to get the decorating done and the wrapped presents under the tree when she's home for Thanksgiving, so she can return to her college town knowing everything is ready and waiting for her Christmas break. That's just what we did this year, so I can relax and enjoy spending time with family and friends this holiday season.

  8. I actually went shopping today!! Next, comes the baking. And baking. And BAKING.

  9. Michelle - thank you! I'm a little biased, but I think they're pretty cute, too. :)

    Melissa - I think it's so awesome that your mom and sister came to decorate for you! That's a gift in itself. Are you going to the church where Pastor Phil Ronzheimer used to preach? Have fun!!

    Lindsay - I received your Christmas card, so you're ahead of the game in that respect! :) I hope you and Mike have fun eating pizza and driving around looking at lights - that sounds like so much fun. By the way, I LOVE a Christmas Story!

    Alena - I remember what it was like to be a teenager in a house with four teenagers! I remember when we were all in our family car for the last time together...I know my own little family will soon be in the same life stage and I'm not looking forward to that part of it! Sounds like you guys have some fun planned! I love It's a Wonderful Life, but haven't seen it this year, yet. Good luck building a Gingerbread House!!

    Ganise - thank you! I am blessed and I try so hard to appreciate every blessing God has given me...even when those little blessings are destroying my clean house. :) Merry Christmas to you!

    Jaime - I wonder how many people are having Pinterest Christmases this year?!?! I will pray for you as you attempt making your own gifts. :)

    Keli - that sounds so relaxing and wonderful. I hope you're enjoying these days leading up to Christmas - I'm sure you're anxiously awaiting Adriana's return home!

    Jennifer - I sense a theme at your house and it has something to do with wonderful, sweet treats! Man, I wish I lived closer to you. :) Have fun baking!!


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