Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Using Pinterest

I have to admit, when my sister first told me about Pinterest, I was a bit leery. She's a professional interior designer and she kept telling me how wonderful Pinterest was for sharing decorating ideas.

Don't get me wrong, I like a pretty house, and I think I do a fairly good job decorating, but I'm not in her league. I definitely don't spend my free time dreaming about color swatches or fabric weaves. Actually, my husband and I are the type of people who paint a room once, place the furniture and then don't change a thing for years.

So it took a little cajoling to convince me Pinterest was for me. What finally sold me was when she told me about all the great recipes she was finding.

Excited for a few new dinner ideas, I signed up, went online - and then I froze! All those DIY projects, cute outfits, craft ideas and homemade tips just made me feel like I could NEVER measure up! For some people, looking at all those pictures makes you feel energized - but, for me, it just made me feel tired.

It was months later when I finally had a revelation! I could use Pinterest for my writing. I was researching 1850's clothing and came across some beautiful dresses, so I thought: instead of saving the links in my favorites bar, I could just pin them to Pinterest!

I started a board for each decade (1850's, 1860's, 1870's, etc.), for character ideas, and for historical items. I've actually had a lot of fun with it!

A few weeks ago I read a blog post by one of the Books & Such agents about using social media to help build our platforms. One of the suggestions the agent gave me was to make a board for each of my books. I could pin pictures of the characters, their clothing, the setting, little odds and ends that make my story unique - so that's just what I did!

Here is the link to my Pinterest board entitled: Enticing Julia Morgan - Book.

I plan to add more to the board, but I wanted to get it started to draw some interest - and it worked! I had a message from someone who follows my Pinterest account and she said she's excited to read Enticing Julia Morgan now!

Another thing I've used Pinterest for is to draw people to my blog. I post recipes here periodically, and then pin them to my Favorite Recipes board. It has drawn hundreds of people that wouldn't have visited otherwise.

Your Turn: What ways have you thought to use Pinterest? If you're not on Pinterest, what keeps you away?


  1. Same reasons Gabrielle! and almost same response at first also--hesitant, but also--now I don't spend money on any magazines or have folders of clippings floating around my house with dust on them! :)

  2. I simply loved the idea that I could build boards that would reveal things about myself that didn't involve posting pics of my family or my kids.

    Glad you're having fun w/ it!
    ~ Wendy

  3. I resisted for so long, because I just felt so un-pinnable myself :) But I love it now. I've connected with so many non-profits. I've made great friends. I have secret boards for my books. You are inspiring, maybe mine should not be secret...

  4. I was on Pinterest before many writers jumped on board. But I'm not using it for my writing. I love crafting, so I used it to pin projects. Then I deleted my boards because fear of pinning incorrectly and getting fined scared me. I rejoined PInterest, but with a more defined focus this time. I do use it for writing, lesson planning, home and crafting. But now I pin from the original blogs only if they have a visible Pin It button or permission notice on their sites. That way I feel I'm protecting myself against a fine. Just like on the Internet--not everything on Pinterest is pinned legally.

    1. I've resisted Pinterest for the same reasons, Lisa. Having worked for a publishing company, I'm cognizant of the potential for copyright infringement. If I do take the leap at some point, I'll do as you are and be cautious about what I pin.

  5. Well...I am on Pinterest. But somewhat reluctantly. Haha! In fact, little not-so-secret, I didn't even start my own account...my sister did it for me. And she does a lot of pinning to my boards for me, too. LOL! But yeah, it's fun...my favorite are humorous pins. :)

  6. I adore Pinterest!!!! Sigh...I use it for everything. I even have a secret wedding board for my daughter's wedding this fall! :)

    This week is spring break and I am off, so I am doing some new Pinterest recipes and some DIY painting (furniture, baskets, etc!) LOVE it.

  7. I held off for a loooooong time. I started using it for the recipes too! I still don't go on it much, but if I come across a recipe I like, I pin it so I don't have to email myself every new recipe I want to try. I should start a board for my books too. So cool that someone found you that way!!

  8. I held off too, but now I enjoy it for building book profiles, looking at Laura Frantz's dress collection (over 6000 dresses!!) and finding funny stuff. Oh and the coolest DIY stuff ever!


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