Sunday, July 7, 2013

Minnesota Monday: Complaining

My husband came home from the store the other day shaking his head. His lips were smiling, but his eyebrows were furrowed in a frown.

"What?" I couldn't help but ask him.

"I just thought of something you could write about on your Minnesota Monday blog post."

By now I was really curious. "What?!"

"I was just at the store and I ran into someone I know. The man looked at me and said: 'Boy! It's way too hot out there!' And it dawned on me. Minnesotans are never happy with the weather! Three weeks ago it was too cold, now it's too hot."

I couldn't help but smile. He's right. Either it's too cold, too hot, too muggy, too dry, or too wet--and everyone likes to talk about it! My grandpa used to say he couldn't tell if Minnesotans were bragging, or complaining, when it came to the weather. Maybe it's a little of both. It seems we not only love to talk about it, but we like to brag that we survive it!

The biggest complaint in Minnesota right now are the mosquitos! It was such a cool, wet spring, and finally it's warm enough to really enjoy the outdoors, but because of the wet weather, we've been bombarded by mosquitos. Just last night we were out at the lake watching fireworks and it was muggy and hot, but everyone had long sleeves and long pants on to stay protected from the pesky bugs.

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Thankfully, Minnesota has beautiful weather, too--and some of the prettiest countryside in the United States (in my humble opinion). I sometimes think the early pioneers must have come in the summer, been fooled by the beauty and good weather, and then were stuck for the winter. :) If it wasn't for the winter and the mosquitos, I'm convinced Minnesota would be practically perfect...

What about you? What do people complain about where you live? What kept the early settlers in your state?


  1. Probably the thing I complain about most is the humidity. ICK! And snow, too...although I honestly do really like snow for the first couple months of winter. It's just when it gets into February-March that I start to lose it. BUT then if it snows in April, I'm back to liking it because by that point, it's hilarious. :)

    Here's what I love about Iowa weather, though (and I'm sure Minnesota is the same): it's always changing. Sure, humidity or mosquitos might stink...but I know in a month or two, it'll start shifting to fall...which is the best season ever. :)

  2. Haha, and you thought I was crazy for spraying my pants with bug spray...

    Obviously, the thing people complain about most here is the heat. And yes, while being 93 degrees at 7 in the morning IS ridiculous, the winters are gorgeous. Where else can you take walks outside in January without tromping through the snow or cold? :)

    And the way to beat the heat? Swimming, ice cream, and staying inside with the AC going, reading a book. Sounds okay to me!


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