Sunday, January 12, 2014

Minnesota Monday Trivia

One of my favorite Minnesota posts was a set of trivia questions I posted here. This state of mine is a wonderful place to live--but with all the cold and snow, I know a lot of people sometimes wonder why we do. To be honest, in the coldest times of the winter, I often ask myself the same question. :) But then Spring, Summer, and Fall come around and I have no question in my mind. Minnesota has some of the prettiest landscape, the most diverse seasons, and the nicest people.

On this (warmer) Minnesota Monday, I thought it would be fun to have another trivia contest! Share your answers below (no googling!) and I'll give the correct answers next Monday.

Minnesota is a large state, but how large is it compared to the other states?
a. Fifth largest state
b. Tenth largest state
c. Twelfth largest state
d. Twentieth largest state

The name "Minnesota" is a Dakota name, but what does it mean?
a. "Land of Sky Blue Waters"
b. "Big Water Country"
c. "Many Waters"
d. "Clear Water"

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area is called the Twin Cities and is densely populated. What percentage of the population of Minnesotans lives in the Twin Cities?
a. 30%
b. 40%
c. 50%
d. 60%

Minnesota is known for its extreme weather (the wind chill was -60 here last week and today it was 38 degrees!). What is the record high and low span of temperature across the state?
a. 106 °F
b. 133 °F
c. 156 °F
d. 174 °F

Minnesota ranks high in the nation for many things. Which one of these things does Minnesota NOT rank high?
a. We have some of the best roads nationwide
b. We have the highest percentage of citizens who participate in regular physical exercise
c. We're one of the highest voter turn out states
d. We have the second highest percentage of high school graduates nationwide

We're also ranked the lowest in all but one of these areas:
a. Lowest percentage of overweight and obese children in the nation
b. We're one of the lowest taxed states in the nation
c. One of the ten states with the lowest percentage of unemployment nationwide
d. Our teen pregnancy rate is the 8th lowest in the nation

So, what do you think? I'll share the correct answers next Monday.

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  1. Okay...I don't know any of the right answers. Clearly I don't know much about Minnesota...other than the fact that some awesome people live there and I can't wait to visit this summer!!! :D


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