Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Owl Curtain

I tend to love elegant, old-fashioned décor. Bead board wainscoting, eyelet lace, and Craftsman style furniture are at the top of my list. While I enjoy the convenience of modern living, I'm always attempting to recreate the nostalgia of a bygone era in my decorating.

Last week I decided it was time to buy a new shower curtain. The one I had before was a white, eyelet lace curtain, but it had became stained from dirty little hands and feet over the years.

I went to the store, fully intending to replace it with a similar style curtain--until my eyes fell on the owl curtain above. It came with some fun little owl accessories and made me smile. But, more than that, it made me think of my oldest daughter. She loves owls.

As I put the shower curtain back on the shelf and continued to look for an elegant option, I couldn't stop thinking about how much my daughter would love to have an owl shower curtain. I went back to it three times, before I finally put it in my shopping cart.

It occurred to me that my children's opinions need to be validated. At the moment, I share this bathroom with my children (until our master bath is finished), so I'm only one of five people who uses it. Why should I be the only one who decides what we look at in there?

I'm not advocating that our children should take over the decision-making process, but I'm becoming very aware that my children are growing up and forming their own likes and dislikes. I want to find areas where I can let them express their individuality in a safe way--and more than that, I want to celebrate each of them for the way God made them unique.

The shower curtain is a small gesture that will make a lasting impact in my daughter's life. I put the curtain up to surprise her, and when she saw it, her eyes lit up and she squealed. I often tell her she's a valuable part of our family, and her opinion matters to me, but this was proof that I mean what I say.

Styles will come and go, but my daughter's heart will last a lifetime. I would have loved to buy another elegant shower curtain, but, for me, knowing my daughter smiles every time she sees her owls is far more important.

Your Turn: When you were younger, did you help decorate your home? What's your current style?


  1. I also love the lace and eyelet - was surprised to see the owls in your bathroom, but was also delighted. I do remember different decorative features from my childhood - many not so pleasant because my mother decorated while she was experiencing various mood changes, you have a happy bathroom and I’m sure my grand-babies are enjoying it greatly! They will remember the curtain as they think back on their childhood!

  2. Aw, it's cute and that's so sweet of you! Love your reasoning too. I remember my mom helping me to redecorate my bedroom when I was about 11 or 12. It was fun to pick the colors and decor with her guiding me. It really became my own space then.

  3. You're an awesome mom, Gabe. And that's a cute shower curtain for sure. :)

  4. That is such a cute curtain! I don't remember choosing any of the things that decorated my room growing up. We did paint a 12" border at the top of the wall in my daughter's room and put up horse wallpaper cutouts. That was fun and she loved it!


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