Friday, May 31, 2013

Addicted to Hurrying

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Last night my oldest came to me and said: "Mom, I was just watching Joyce Meyer and you need to listen to her show today."

First, if you don't know who Joyce Meyer is, she is a preacher on television. I am a big fan of Joyce. I've seen her in person twice and we DVR her program. She's an amazing teacher with a no-nonsense approach to Christianity.

Second, I love that my eight-year-old daughter chooses to watch a preacher on television! Of all the things she could choose, it makes me smile each time she tells me she's going to watch Joyce.

And third, I asked what Joyce said that I needed to hear. My oldest said: "She's talking about being addicted to hurrying."

Hmmm...if your eight-year-old told you that you have an addiction to being in a hurry--you'd stop and think. A lot.

Why am I in such a hurry all the time? Is it because I'm trying to accomplish too much? Is it because I give myself X amount of time to get things done, but inevitably my plans are changed by a dirty diaper, a sick dog, a spilled bowl of cereal, a phone call, a broken wash machine, a (fill in the blank). Is it because I expect too much? Want too much? Say yes too much?


"Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10.
Be still. Why is it so hard to be still?

I never do one thing at a time. I'm ALWAYS multi-tasking. Even when I'm doing morning devotions, the time I'm supposed to be focused on God, I'm thinking about a hundred other things that need to be done.

I have an excuse. I really do. I'm a busy mom, wife, daughter, friend, sister, cousin, aunt, writer, volunteer, etc. I don't want to give any of those roles up. So how do I balance it all out?

I believe the answer comes by sacrificing in these areas:

1. I'm called to offer God a sacrifice of my time. When I take time in the morning to seek His face, and set all my other responsibilities aside, I'm giving God the first fruit of my day. It truly is a sacrifice...but God delights in our sacrifices. It's amazing how much I can get done when I've devoted that first part of my day to Him.

2. I need to be disciplined. I can't flit from one project to the next, not getting anything done. I need to stick to one thing at a time and accomplish it. I know I'll feel less hurried. I also need to give myself more time to accomplish my tasks--allowing room for the unexpected.

3. I need to recognize that I can't have everything I want, when I want it. I have to practice the fine art of patience.

4. I have to learn how to say no more often. What's up with saying no, anyway? That's a whole other blog post, but it's a serious problem for a lot of us.

5. I need to be more realistic. I need to look at my schedule and recognize that there are few people in the world who could accomplish all the things I have on my to-do list. God only gives me grace for the things He desires me to do...the rest of the things I "want" to do, I won't do well.

With all that said, I've decided to take a little blogging break. This next week my family will be leaving our electronic devices at home and heading to a fishing cabin further north. It's a rare summer vacation--but we've decided to sacrifice some time and devote it to being still--well, as still as you can be with three-year-old twins.

I'm also on a deadline for my book, so when we come home from fishing, I will be working on the last round of edits before handing it in to my agent. I plan to be back on Monday, June 10th with Minnesota Monday pictures from our fishing trip.

It's your turn. Are you addicted to being in a hurry? How do you break the addiction?


  1. I was just thinking about this. I think I just set expectations too high sometimes. Psalm 46:10 is my very favorite verse. We have to realistic and patience with ourselves, no one can do everything!

  2. I really appreciate Joyce Meyer's teaching too...especially her "battlefield of the mind" stuff. :)

    And this post really spoke to me. Sometimes I get a little frustrated at the whole "be still" thing. I think, okay, I know that's what I'm supposed to do, God. BUT how am I supposed to "be still" when there is so much to do all the time. Practically, what does that even look like? But I just read this morning (in a Joyce Meyer book, actually) about God multiplying our time when we're faithful to give him the first of our time. Like you said, "the first fruit" of my day.

    I also love what you said about God giving you the grace for the things He desires you to do. My mom says that a lot--Melissa, God gives you the time for the stuff you have to do. The rest, you've just gotta let go. :)

  3. 1. I'm called to offer God a sacrifice of my time. When I take time in the morning to seek His face, and set all my other responsibilities aside, I'm giving God the first fruit of my day. It truly is a sacrifice...but God delights in our sacrifices. It's amazing how much I can get done when I've devoted that first part of my day to Him.

    I press this EVERY. SINGLE. WEDNESDAY to my class. And I'm a firm believer in saying no. Saying no to good things mean you can say yes to the right things.

    Loved your post today, Gabe! And I love that your girl watches Joyce. :)

  4. How wonderful that your daughter seeks out Biblical teaching and feels so comfortable with and accepted by you that she can speak truth to you. Sounds like she's a wise young lady.

    I think it's great that you're unplugging and spending some special time with your family. I hope you have a blast.

    I wish you well as you work on your edits and hope your agent loves the revised version of your story.

  5. Awww, out of the mouths of babes! Gabe, I loved this!

    Yes, I think sometimes "hurry" is my middle name. I'm very Type A so I always feel the need to accomplish alot in limited time.

    God does have a way of centering us though, and I've learned through the illness of our son that there is indeed more to life than one hundred things that CAN and DO wait.

    Happy vacationing, writing, and enjoying some fam time! (I think a lot of folks are taking some blogging time off. I went down to a two-day-a-week schedule for now and it's been a welcomed and needed respite.) :)

  6. Oh, you struck a nerve today. I hurry WAY too much. And as an excellent Bible teacher recently pointed out to me, hurry is ultimately egotistical. Because it implies that everything will fall apart without ME. Thanks for this.

  7. I'm not usually a hurry-er. Unless it's something HUGE. But there's a lot of wisdom in these comments about the sacrifice of our time to God...ALOT.


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