Sunday, May 12, 2013

Minnesota Monday: The Dam on the Mississippi

I love spring in Minnesota for numerous reasons, but especially because the Mississippi River comes alive! My hometown, where my stories are set, was founded on the largest waterfalls north of St. Anthony Falls (now a part of Minneapolis).
The falls were first dammed in 1849, but the dam washed down did the second one in 1860. The current dam was built in 1887-88, and has had many updates and repairs.
Right now the dam is open full force because of the spring thaw. Eventually the water will slow down, but it remains a powerful force all throughout the year.
This is a favorite place for people to stop and enjoy the Mississippi. I come here often to get inspired, dream about my stories and feel refreshed.
What about you? Where do you go over and over to feel refreshed?



  1. For me it is Lake Superior. I love sitting by the shore and watching the waves crash into the rocks.

  2. I love reading about MN, Gabe! I admit, I like walking onto my patio when the weather is nice. I have a huge wall of trees beyond my fence line and I love to watch the leaves flow and rustle as the wind moves through them. It reminds me of being filled with the spirit. Going where He wants as He blows across my life. :)

  3. Ooo, I love the sounding of rushing water!!

    I wish I had a great outdoor sanctuary to retreat to, but sadly I don't. But I do like sitting outside in a chair when it's nice and not too hot out. :)

    Can't wait to visit and experience the Minnesota beauty!

  4. Our whole family went to the dam a couple weekends ago...walked the park and fed duckies bread :). I am so in awe of the power of nature when we visit the roaring dam each spring.
    Any water-related area (lake, river, ocean) is calming to me. Even the sound of your video made me go 'ahhhhhh....' & Running refreshes my mind and lungs, but my knees and feet would beg to differ :). ---Lindsay

  5. I love the sound of rushing water too, or of water lapping up onto a sandy beach. Or, cascading over rocks in the mountains. Yep, I guess it's the sound of moving water that brings peace to my spirit too. :)

    One of my favorite places to go is to the Glen Eyrie castle here in Colorado. It's on the edge of the city, nestled into the mountains, and it's so peaceful.

    Love these posts, Gabrielle. :)


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