Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Break

The past three months have been very relaxing for me. Since going to the ACFW Conference in Indianapolis in September, I've become very intentional about my time. August and September were very stressful months as I prepared for (and attended) the conference--and I knew after that I had to take a breather.

My husband's job is seasonal. He owns his own landscaping company, so he's busy from May to the end of November. I try not to write in those months, because of our busy schedule, but sometimes I have to sneak in some work--which is what happened in August and September for the conference.

Not only was I busy with writing related responsibilities, but I also had family obligations that demanded extra attention. So I geared up for those months as best as I could, but I didn't realize what kind of a toll they would take on my physical health.

It became clear to me by the beginning of October that I needed a that's what I've done. I met my writing deadlines and then I slowed down.

Sadly, my blog has taken a hit because of this. I've heard from many people that they miss my regular blog postings, and I apologize, but it's been for the best. I've been using these months to catch up on work at home, relax with my family, and brainstorm my next story (which I plan to start in January after the holidays). Dave just finished his work at the end of November, so he's home more and it's been a big help.

I plan to use the months of January through May as my writing months (because Dave will be home). I did this last year and it worked very well. I also plan to come back to my blog with renewed ideas and content in January. I want to make my blog a worthwhile place for my readers to stop and spend some time. It's become very important to me that I use my time, energy, and resources to the best of my ability--not only for my own sake, but also for anyone who takes the time to read my words.

So, from now until the beginning of January, I will not be posting on my blog. I will be preparing for Christmas and spending time with my family as we worship the King of Kings.

My prayer for the remainder of 2013 and into 2014 is that you and I would meet Jesus in a whole new way. As we're intentional about our time, our energy, and our resources, I pray that He can use each and every one of us to spread the life-changing news of His salvation throughout the world--which is the most magnificent gift ever given.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing you all back here in January!


  1. Enjoy your blog break, Gabe. :) Hope it's a refreshing time.

  2. I wish you a blessed celebration of our Savior's birth and all the best in the new year.

  3. Smart girl. VERY smart. Pacing one's self is extremely important!!


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