Monday, December 2, 2013

Sisters and a 5K

Seven weeks ago my sister called and asked if I wanted to run the Turkey Trot with her on Thanksgiving morning. I had been running on and off for a couple of months, so I agreed to the 5K run. My sister lives in Aurora, Colorado and she was coming home for the holiday. What better way to spend some quality time with her?

Um, it turns out there are LOTS of better ways. :)

Before the race. A balmy 19 degrees and snowing!
She has run in one other 5K race (a little over 3 miles), and she said she'd set the pace and it would be simple. We did run almost the entire 3 miles, with a short walk at the half way point.
Me, my sister, Andrea, and her husband, Justin.
About 400 people signed up to run the Turkey Trot. And about 360 of them (including children) finished before my sister and I! My brother-in-law, Justin, came in third overall--he's currently in training for an Iron Man Competition in August 2014, so a three mile run is just a warm up!

Coming in on the finish!
After Justin finished, he caught up with Andrea and me back at the two mile mark. He ran the last mile with us and kept us laughing the whole way.

I pulled ahead at the *very* last second, just to beat her. :)
Right before the race, Andrea and Justin shared with me their exciting news! I'm going to be an auntie again in June. Andrea is about 10 weeks along, so she assured me we would be taking the race slow. It was a fun opportunity to visit with her. We had little energy to laugh--but we did anyway. A lot.

Third place overall and 1st in his age division!
Congrats, Justin.
We might not have been "First," but we completed a race,
and that means more than anything.
There's nothing like a sister's friendship. Though years and miles have separated us from our childhood together, I don't believe there will be another person on this planet who gets me so completely. Andrea and I can laugh at ourselves, or laugh at each other, without hesitation. We can recall memories that no one else can recall. We can share our dreams, our disappointments, and our frustrations with a few words--or we can go on and on for as long as we need to. I'm so very thankful for my sister.

Your Turn: Do you have a sister? What do you enjoy doing together? If you don't have a sister, who is one person you'd love to have as a sister?
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  1. Aww...that's so sweet you did that together!

    I was going to run with my hubby on Thanksgiving but it was so windy and cold, we chickened out. (We're both fair weather runners)

  2. Boo, my last comment totally got eaten!

    I basically said...I'm proud of you for running that race!! It's always a challenge to try something new. But what a feeling of accomplishment afterward. :)

    Oh, and I don't have any blood sisters, but I do have some sisters of the heart...and you're one of them. Love you, friend!

  3. way to go Gabe! this is one of my favorite funnies (as a slow runner I find this hilarious!) not sure if it will attatch here - I will post it to your fb if it doesn't :)

  4. Woo Hoo! Congratulations, Gabe!! What an incredible accomplishment. And to do it with your sister, as well - what a treat. Sisters are the BEST. I have three sisters and we love to just about anything together, as long as we can be together.


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