Thursday, November 29, 2012

Friday Fun: Minnesota Style, The First Snowfall of the Year

Winter has arrived in Minnesota! We had our first snowfall on Thanksgiving day and it left the world under a pristine blanket of white. I love the first snowfall. No matter how old I get, there will always be something magical about it. We watched the snow come down as we sat at the table enjoying our Thanksgiving feast.

This past week has been cold, in the teens and twenties, but I hear it's supposed to get warm again this weekend. On Sunday and Monday the forecast is predicting mid to upper forties, so the snow will disappear and there are no significant snowfalls in the near future. Here's hoping for a big dumping before Christmas and New Years!

I only took a few pictures, but I thought I'd share. I also included a couple of us picking out our Christmas Tree the next day, but it was so chilly, I didn't take many and I jumped back into the van as soon as we picked it out.

I hope the world is beautiful where you live!

Our backyard while it was snowing - we couldn't see
across the river

The next morning

What about you? Has it snowed where you live? Do you put up a Christmas Tree? Is it fresh or artificial?


  1. Lovely! No snow here in West Virginia right now, but we did get a little about a week ago. Are you right near the river? It's lovely, but I probably would've lost my mind living there when my kids were small! Then again, I had an adventurous one who jumped in the pool before she could swim. Had to jump in fully-clothed to get her out! Thank the Lord she was fine.

  2. Wow! I can't even imagine! It's only snowed about three times my entire life in Florida, none of which really stuck to the ground. Not that it kept me from trying to make snow angels! :) So beautiful, Gabrielle! Love your pictures!

  3. I'm from Chicago where we get snow and know how to clear it so it's safe to drive. :)

    Now we're in KC, and last year we had one--ONE--snowfall that looked like this one. I kept thinking it was November all winter long because it never felt like winter.

    Sure hoping for some good snow this year!

  4. So pretty! Yeah, it's been 80 degrees here, so no snow. Hehe. We're having a Christmas party at our house tonight, though, and I'm singing in our church's Festival of Lights show this year, so it's starting to feel like Christmas season...

  5. Oh how pretty! I love the first snow of the year...and Thanksgiving Day is the perfect day for it. We haven't had any snow yet down in central Iowa long as we get some in time for Christmas, I'm happy.

    We mainly had artificial trees growing up. Less, putting it together was always an adventure. Particularly because almost every year, Dad forgot to put the tree skirt on before putting it up. And we'd laugh our heads off. Looking back, I can't help but wonder if he did it on purpose just to make us kids laugh... :)

  6. The world feels calm and cozy with the first snow - like snuggling up under the covers with a good book :)

    We are headed to get our Real tree on Sat! I am so excited - I love decorating the tree with the kids!!!

  7. Beautiful pictures, Gabrielle! We had a dusting of snow a few weeks ago, and it was so funny to see my kids' faces. Since they're too young to remember much from last winter, their faces were like, "What is that stuff falling out of the sky?!" :)

  8. Ohhhhh, I'm trying not to be jealous! I live in Texas, snow is not all that common, but this year it has been way to warm! Here it is December and we are supposed to be up to 80 today! Bleh.


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