Sunday, November 11, 2012

It Takes a Whole Village

My parents with my kiddos (and niece) at Mt. Rushmore

I love having a good support system. Actually, I need one.

As a wife and a mother, I need mentors and friends to model what a good marriage and good parenting looks like, so I know what I'm aiming for. I also need these people so I can discuss ideas, cry on their shoulders, celebrate little (and big) victories and just enjoy life. Some of my greatest support systems come from my extended family, my church, my MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group, my ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) class and my close friends.

When it comes to writing, I've also gathered together a support group (I'll talk more about this on Wednesday on Lindsay Harrel's blog!), because I know that there is strength in numbers and I'm an extrovert who gets recharged when I interact with other people.

But, there's an even more important support system for me, and that's my immediate family. It's made up of my husband, my children, my parents, my in-laws, my siblings & spouses and my nieces & nephews. I know I can reach for my dreams because I have this group of people committed to helping me achieve them.

Sometimes it's as simple as giving me encouragement, or as intense as babysitting my children! Whatever need I have, I almost always start with this first circle of support and I know I can find it.

Last week I had a big need. I spent so much time working on my manuscript this summer that our clothing seemed to take over our house. The kids had grown out of a lot of it and the summer clothes needed to be put away and the winter clothes needed to come out. It was a big, daunting job and I just didn't have the time to put into it.

In comes my mom.

She volunteered to organize all my children's clothing! It took her three days! If you have four or more children (heck, if you have one child!) you know how much work this takes. The last two days of intensive work on my manuscript, I was in one room editing away while my mom was in the girls' and boys' bedrooms organizing clothes and entertaining my boys. The third day I helped finish up the job.

I couldn't be more thankful for this gift from my mom. Not only the gift of organizing my children's clothing, but the gift of support so I could pursue my dream. It is a priceless gift, indeed.


What about you? If you could have someone do one job in your house, what would it be?


  1. Oh wow! Your mom is an angel!
    I would LOVE someone to organzie my closet!

  2. What a wonderful gift your mom gave you!! And such good timing seeing as we got snow last night~

    As for me, I could barely pick one place in my house that would top over any other. I am constantly on the go, and it seems like everytime I turn around, my house is one big mess again. So, really....I would love for someone to come in and organize my entire house and finish the projects I have already started!! (which is WAY TOO MANY to even begin to count~ and one of them involves building a bed and painting a room....) Really, at my age though...I've just come to accept that my house will never be fully organized and immaculate until the kids are grown and moved out. And I'm okay with that. (but don't ask my husband if he'll get a whole nuther answer!! LOL)

    When did your parents take the kids to SD? We were there this past summer...and we had a WONDERFUL time!! Such a fun place to go! I love that your parents took them!! SO cool to go with grandparents to do that stuff!!

    Jennifer Bailey

  3. Jennifer S. - yes, she is an angel and I am still smiling from her gift. :) It saved me three days of hard work - and the crazy thing is, she enjoys organizing!!

    Jennifer B. - this picture was taken when I went with my parents to Colorado to see my sister in April 2011. On the way back, we stopped in South Dakota to show them Mt. Rushmore. It was a fun trip - but so much more work without David (who was already working for the season). I'm thankful my parents are young and healthy and can make these memories with my kiddos.

  4. AWWWW! What an awesome mom. :-) Hmmm...I'd love to have someone clean my blinds. lol

  5. That's so sweet! My mother-in-law and stepmom do things for me sometimes that are just the sweetest.

    I would love to get a maid come and clean my house every week. I seriously forget to plan time for it. Thankfully, my husband doesn't mind so long as there's food on the table. :P

  6. So nice! My mom and my husband are definitely my two biggest supporters.

  7. Awwwww, I love that! What a great momma! I think I would just love someone to come in and do a deep know, the baseboards, blinds, etc. That's the stuff I tend to put off until it is a nasty job. Bleh.

  8. My hubby is a huge supporter. He does the laundry. I can't complain...


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