Sunday, April 28, 2013

Minnesota Monday: Spring Thaw!

Finally, the snow is melting, melting, melting!

We went from 40 degrees to 70 degrees almost overnight, which means the snow has disappeared at a wonderful speed. It was so warm, my girls pulled out their summer clothes, but some of the snow banks were so high, they didn't melt as fast and the girls had to play around the snow in their shorts and tank tops. *Shaking head*

During this glorious weekend, we grilled out, had our first campfire along the river and got sunburned! We spent almost all day outside both Saturday and Sunday, soaking up all that Vitamin D.

I spent a large part of Saturday raking up dog poo in the front yard so our kids could play outside. It was a chore I was happy to do, since it meant the snow had finally melted and it was sunny and warm outside. Now I need to tackle the backyard, which is much bigger...

Here are some fun pictures from this weekend. Enjoy! And Happy Spring!

Dave and I took a bike ride Saturday morning and saw
these beautiful pelicans flying over the Mississippi. The sky
was such an incredible shade of blue.
Our oldest in the neighbor's yard (thankfully all our snow
was melted by this point!).

My two girls (on left) catching some rays with their cousin...

The first of many campfires of the year!

One of my boys was having a little too much
fun playing with the water hose...

Our backyard after supper tonight. We ate on the back deck. Ahh...


  1. We had our first taste of spring this weekend too. It was amazing :) I love the summer clothes and snow! Looks like Michigan.

  2. I'm so glad Spring has finally arrived for you! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  3. Yay! This means it will definitely be nice in June. :P That cracks me up that your daughters had on shorts and tanks with snow in the background. Hehe.


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