Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Minnesota Monday - on Wednesday

The past couple of weeks I've been straying away from my blogging schedule (for good reasons)! But I have so many wonderful Minnesota pictures stacking up, I thought I'd switch things up again and share my Minnesota Monday post today.

Here are some pictures taken in the past few weeks. Things have melted A LOT since these pictures were taken, but I wanted to give you a taste of how things looked around here recently.

A flock of seagulls have taken up residence on the river near our house

We've also been blessed by beautiful swans on the river
My hubby playing outside with the kids about three weeks ago.
The snow was about three feet deep (now we can see grass where
the snow once was!). The railing behind them is
our fence - only sticking out a foot above the snow!

I watched my Little Monkey analyze this new development...

And then take advantage of the snow to get out of the fence built just to keep him in...

Can you see the sense of accomplishment on his face?!?!

Of course, his brother had to try the same thing a couple minutes later...

But his attempt wasn't as graceful...

Although, he made it!
 Playing outside with the kids in the snow will be some of my favorite memories from this past winter--although I'm more than ready to start making some warmer weather memories!

What about you? What were some of your favorite memories this winter?


  1. Some of my favorite memories this winter didn't include snow. Haha! Visiting Lindsay Harrel in beautifully warm Phoenix, for one. :) And since April can still count as winter in the Midwest, then another memory fave was just last weekend in Chicago. :)

    1. Melissa, I can't wait to hear more about your trip to Chicago!! Fun.

  2. Snow! Love it!! But now it's raining and mostly gone here in Wisconsin. I think I'm ready for spring :)

    1. We have a LOT less snow now, but we're supposed to get another 4-6 inches tonight! I'm looking forward to spring for sure!

  3. Having Melissa come out to visit and going to FLorida for Deep Thinkers!! Other than that and Christmas, I've been very much looking forward to spring. :)

    1. Deep Thinkers was definitely a highlight for me, too! But I can't wait for Spring and for June when three of my friends are coming to my house!!! :)

  4. Oh how fun. And precious! You had some SERIOUS snow. I'm glad you guys made the most of it and played. :)

    Fun winter memories--taking the kids ice skating (indoors--not enough snow to freeze over the lakes here this winter) for their first time, lighting fires in our fire place, game nights with the wind howling outside, snowball fights between the kids.....making fun where we could find it. :)

    Love these, Gabrielle!


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