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My Guest, Donna Pyle (With an Amazing Giveaway!)

In honor of this amazing lady and her stellar giveaway, I am keeping this post up for a couple more days! Please be sure to comment below to enter the drawing.
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Today it is my great pleasure to host Donna Pyle, author of the new Bible Study The God of All Comfort. We would love for you to join in the conversation, so don't forget to leave a comment.
~ Donna is giving away an awesome goody basket to one lucky commenter (details below)! ~ 
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Donna, I'm so thrilled to have you as a guest on my blog today and I'm even more thrilled that you're here to talk about your newest Bible Study, The God of All Comfort, which released last Wednesday. Welcome!

Hi Gabrielle! Thanks so much for having me over to chat!

It's my pleasure! This is your nineteenth study and I imagine each time you've written one, God has walked you through an incredible journey. What inspired you to write this one?

Wow, you aren’t kidding. God is so faithful to transform us when we dig deep in His Word. All of us suffer hurt at one time or another. Our culture applauds seeking revenge and holding grudges. But that only complicates the hurt and brings no comfort. God comforts us from the inside out – if we let him. This study shows exactly how that works.

I can’t wait to read it. Bible Studies are a great way to dig deeper into the Word, and I love knowing that this one will show us how to receive the comfort that only God provides.

I've heard that each book an author writes becomes like a child to them, and they couldn't pick a favorite, but I know that there is usually one, above the others, that has special meaning. Have any of your Bible Studies become especially dear to you?
What a great question! When I first became a Christian 21 years ago, I had trouble understanding God’s spiritual armor or why it was such a big deal. Then I wrote “Your Strong Suit,” a Bible study based on Ephesians 6. It changed everything! Understanding the protection He provides demonstrates His everlasting love for us.
That sounds like an amazing study; I have so many of your studies to catch up on! I especially love knowing how it impacted your faith journey. Authors like to draw on their own life experiences to put into their writing, whether good or bad. If you could go back to one moment of your life to relive, which one would it be and why? 
I’d like to go back to April 29, 2003. I was sitting by my Dad’s hospital bed the last hours before he died from cancer. I kept trying to assure him that he was going to get better when we knew he wasn’t. I wish I would have told him again what a great Dad he was, how he helped shape me, and how much I loved him. I’ll just be sure to tell him one day in heaven.

I remember you talking about your Dad on my blog, and your special memories of riding in a boat with him on the river. Your love for him is beautiful.

If you could have a meal with three people, who are no longer living, who would you choose and why?
First, it would be Shakespeare to see if he actually spoke the way he wrote. I know, right? :)
Second, Walt Disney to hear him process a new, innovative idea from scratch.
Third, the apostle John to thank him for loving Jesus so much and taking care of Mary the rest of her days.
That's a great list! I was in a Shakespeare play in high school and I was amazed to realize how easy he was to understand once you were immersed in his work. But, alas, I was in Stratford upon Avon, where he was born, and I had the opportunity to watch Troilus and Cressida at a theater - I fell asleep within ten minutes. I woke up as the crowd applauded the end. :)
If you could have a meal with three people, who are living, who would it be and why?

That’s easy, my three sisters. They are my best friends and we talk about anything and everything. And did I mention that we are HILARIOUS together? We each have a great sense of humor, so there’s always lots of laughter. Love it!
I have a sister and two sister-in-laws and I can relate!
Donna, thank you so much for joining me today. I count myself blessed to have connected with you via blogging. Your encouraging comments and faith filled blog posts have been a highlight on my writing journey. I pray that this Bible Study, and the others to come, will bring abundant blessings to the Body of Believers. I can't wait to meet you in person in Dallas!
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It's your turn to join in the conversation! If you could go back to one moment of your life to relive, which one would it be and why? 
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I encourage you to get to know Donna better! 
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Check out her newest Bible Study, The God of All Comfort

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Donna Pyle is a soul-stirring, engaging speaker, author, Bible teacher, and worship leader, who has a passion for studying and teaching God's Word. 

Donna has authored 19 Bible studies, and published several shorter Bible studies and magazine articles. In November 2011, she released her first DVD-based Bible study series, "Your Strong Suit", based on the armor of God.

Donna is currently writing her next DVD Bible study series that will be taped live in January 2013 at Salem Lutheran Church, Tomball, Texas.

Donna enjoys traveling, reading, singing, and driving her cats crazy with feather toys.


  1. Wow, there many I would like to go back to. I am not sure which one I would pick. As alway Gabe I love your post.

  2. Wonderful interview, ladies! This is my first time meeting Donna, so I'm so glad I stopped by today. : )

    If I could go back and relive one moment, it would be my wedding day. I wasn't a believer at the time, so God was not a part of our wedding ceremony. Not His name, and not His word. :(

    I pray that someday my husband and I can renew our vows, with God in the center of it.

    Thank you for the giveaway!
    scraphappy71 at sbcglobal dot net

  3. Good morning, Donna, Gabrielle... what a lovely to see this morning!
    Thanks for the blog, I really enjoyed it. Now the question was: if I could relive one moment in my life, what would it be? Well, probably a moment that involved either a family gathering, or just sitting out there quietly listening to Nature as it speaks of the beauty of God.

    Oh, YES!
    Thanks ladies! Bless you for this giveaway..



  4. Sorry.. email (should I win) : (new one, yay!)

  5. How fun! Great interview, ladies. :)

    The going back in time is hard...but I'd relive some moment when my mom was still here and it was just me, her, my dad, and brother. Those were happy times and sometimes they get forgotten when I think about all the harder times that came later. I want to remember my mom as she was before she got sick.

  6. Gabrielle, thank you so much for your wonderful hostessing today to get the word out about my new study!

    Nancy, so nice to meet you! Picking one point in time is hard, indeed.

    Michelle, I'm glad you stopped by, too! Wow, what a wonderful prayer to want to renew your vows with God at the center. Joining that prayer with you. Blessings!

    Ganise, Good morning! I love how you want to go back to a moment where it was about relationships - with people and God. That says so much about your godly priorities. Wonderful!

    Lindsay, it's always so nice to see your smiling face. :) It's hard when a beloved parent passes away following a long illness. I pray that God resurfaces many, many good memories before your Mom's illness. Hugs!

  7. Nancy - it's good when there are too many to chose from. :) Thank you for your kind words and for reading my blog.

    Michelle - I'm so happy you've now met Donna! She's an amazing lady. :) I love your heart for the Lord and I love that you'd want to relive your wedding so that He could be glorified in your ceremony - but what I love even more is that you are glorifying Him in your marriage - which is far more important.

    Ganise - sometimes the small, still moments are the best to relive. Thank you for stopping by to say hello this morning. It's always nice to see you here.

    Lindsay - I know what you mean. Sometimes our last memories (especially if they are difficult) are the ones we tend to remember. I love that you are purposeful about remembering the good times. I know your mom is watching you from Heaven, amazed at your faith and your journey.

    Donna - thank you for joining me today! Life is always more fun when you have a friend to chat with. :)

    1. Gabrielle, your words really touched my heart! Thank you so much for your sweet reply. It means a lot to me. : )

  8. I'd go back to the day my father left us. I'd take all my 49 years of life and bring down the wrath of heaven on him. I'd show him my brother's attachment issues, my sister's abandonment of the rest of us and I'd show him my deep and ridiculously unChrist-like desire for approval. Then I'd show him the life my mother leads now, with an amazing husband who IS my father, and the elegant home, the lovely friends and the joy she has in her walk of faith.
    Then I'd sit him down, once my tirade was over, and explain to him that we all carried on. Life was not easy for a couple of decades, but now, we're doing fine. (All except my sister, who is busy keeping up with the Joneses).
    But his affair and rejection did not destroy us, we were wounded, but we survived and now we're better off without him.

    God took a broken little family and made diamonds. My adopted Dad is a man of tremendous faith and gave us his lineage and his name, which is worth more than gold.

    Every time I see a Christan couple heading for divorce, I cringe and weep. Unless the children or spouse are being abused in any way, there is always hope. Even then, God can heal anything.

  9. it would probably be the day i got into college

  10. Great interview, ladies!

    Don't put me in for the drawing, I will be reading Donna' book soon...

    I wouldn't change anything, but I would relive some moments when my kids were small, and when my mom was still alive.

    1. that would be *Donna's* book.... my fingers haven't caught up with my brain this morning!

  11. Hi Gabrielle and Donna,

    What a lovely way to start a week! Donna, I'm so looking forward to your new study - it sounds wonderful.

    I have so many places I'd like to return to in my life, especially those I'd do differently... but I think one time I'd like to go back and relive just to ENJOY again would be the the last Christmas we had as a family before my dad passed away. It was the first time in almost 10 years that all 5 of us siblings were together and there was a slew of grandchildren filling up the house, Mom and we girls were cooking up a storm, and there was chaos and joy everywhere! Oh, we had our issues - all families do - but it is such a sweet memory. A lot has changed since then and sometimes when I look back at the pictures, I just want to sit in the middle of all of that love and soak it in all over again.

    Have a blessed day,

  12. Jennifer, what a traumatizing event! I love where you said: "God took a broken little family and made diamonds." That's such a display of your faith and trust. Thanks so much for sharing that today!

    Gail, what an amazing feeling to get into college! Thanks for stopping by.

    Loree, how wonderful that right off the bat you indicate that you wouldn't change a thing. That's living in the moment and counting all of your blessings. I look forward to hearing how God touches you through The God of All Comfort. JOY!

    Becky, your description was so beautiful that I just entered that scene with you. What a loving place and time that obviously was for you and your family. I'm praying that God creates more of those cherished memories for you in the future. Thanks so much for your encouragement and stopping by to chat!

  13. Jennifer - you have quite a story, my friend. I love how God has redeemed your story. Thank you for sharing.

    Gail - welcome to my blog. College is an amazing priveledge. Thanks for stopping by today.

    Loree - I echo Donna's words - it's awesome when a person has no regrets in life. Thanks for stopping in!

    Becky - you paint a beautiful picture with your words. I have a big family and some of my favorite memories are wrapped inside the love of holidays and gatherings. I've heard the fun saying: My family is like fudge - very sweet with a few nuts... :) This saying always makes me think of Christmas and Thanksgiving events.

  14. I thought I'd answer my own question! This is a fun one, because it can be taken in two different ways. Would I want to relive a moment to change the outcome, or relive it for the pure joy it brings? I have many memories I'd love to relive for the happiness - but one that stands out was when my bridesmaids surprised me with a rendition of "June Bride" from the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." They performed the whole song during our reception, because it is my favorite movie and I chose to get married in June (and have seven bridesmaids!) because of it. I laughed, I cried and I shook my head in wonder at how much they loved me. Still makes me smile.

  15. I would go back to the day in August 2006 when I told my former husband I was moving out. The journey God has led me through the past six years - teaching and testing me, encouraging and just loving me - has shown me how to put everything in His hands and let him strengthen and sustain me. The trust that has grown in me since that time lets me believe that He is truly everything I need and it would have let Him work in my marriage while I kept my eyes on Him. For He is truly good - always - and His promises are true.

  16. Which day would I go back to if I could? Can it only be one day? Wow! I don't think I can choose just one. Being in the room with my daughter when she gave birth to both of her daughters I believe are two of the sweetest days in my memory, so I guess I can narrow it down to those two days: April 15, 2008 and March 10, 2011.

    Donna, as a writer of Bible studies myself, I loved getting a chance to read a little of your journey. Your studies sound great!

  17. Jennie - hindsight is usually the best sight to have. Through the hardest times in our lives, God reveals His grace and glory. I'm so happy you found it. Thank you for stopping in today. I hope to see you here again.

    Teri - my mom was in the delivery room with my husband and I when I delivered both of my girls, too, and it was such a neat experience. She wasn't there when we had the twins (there were thirteen people in the operating room when I had my c-section, so there wasn't room for her!). She's alays had a very special bond with my girls and I'm sure your granddaughters have that with you, as well. So nice to "see" you today!

  18. I don't know if I want to go back and relive any moments. Sometimes I've wished I could redo the baby stage with my kiddos, now that I know now, what I know, but I don't want to deal with sleep deprivation again. ha!

  19. I would probably go back to Sophomore year and ducked when I came out of the bathroom. Saved myself a shiner! ;) #meangirls lol

  20. Jennie, difficult days etch themselves deeply in our memories which makes it so clear to see when God redeems us and our situation. I'm thanking God for your faith and desire to keep your eyes on Him. Blessings!

    Teri, what precious moments to witness your granddaughters introduced to the world! I agree, I couldn't have just picked one of those either. And thanks for your encouragement. It's always great to meet another student/teacher of the Word!

    Jennette, LOL! I think anyone who's had children can agree with you there. Thanks so much for the giggle!

    Jessica, dude...seriously? :)

  21. Hi Gabrielle! It was so lovely meeting you in July when I was visiting Hannie & Mathias!

    This is a great blog you got going here and I've visited several times.

    The Lord has blessed me with many wonderful moments I'd love to repeat. Here's just a few: apple picking when all 4 of my kids have been present, which is a rarity since they've all moved on; Christmas day, again when they are all there; walking our dog, who's past on, thru my favorite forest preserve, which is beautiful & magical and I pretended I was in medieval times and imagined knights on horseback (admittedly I'm a hopeless romantic!); or all the many times the Lord has made himself known when times were tough....I could go on.

    But I look forward to seeing you again next time I'm up in your 'hood!

  22. Jennette - I agree, those early days of mothering are such a blur! Sometimes I wish I could go back and do things better/different, but then I realize I wouldn't know now, what I know now, if I hadn't made so many mistakes! The grace of God is a magnificent thing.

    Jessica - that made me laugh out loud! Although I'm sure it wasn't very laughable at the time! :)

    Sharon!!! Thank you for stopping by and saying hello today! I remember you told me you read my blog and I was hoping to see you in the comments one day soon. :) I enjoyed meeting you, and I hope we have many chances to gather in the coming years. It's been fun having Matt & Hannah close. We've already enjoyed some delightful, unexpected visits from them. The girls are especially happy about their move. :) Thanks, again, for stopping by! Good luck in the drawing.

  23. Your giveaway looks like a lot of fun!!!

    I think it would have been great to meet Walt Disney. I have always liked the idea of always having a dream, just like he did. I think it keeps you motivated and always striving to do great things! Dreams stretch you and help you grow!

  24. I forgot to answer the question! :)

    If I could go back and relive a moment or day, I think I would spend it with all my family around me. I especially would have liked to have spent more time with my grandparents. Even though I was able to spend a lot of time with them, now that they are all gone, I wish I would have spent even more time with them.

  25. One day huh? That is a hard choice to know which one to go back to.

    If I had only one choice, I'd probably go back to the day at the pediatrician's office...Peighton was not quite 3 yet. He was willing to do more testing, but he resisted. I had a gut feeling to push him to do more, but I didn't. I wish I was back at that day and had pushed for more. I can't help but think that maybe we'd be farther ahead in this game....but I don't know. It would be nice to know though.......

    Of course there are many other moments that stand out too. Times when I wish I had stood up to my father better on my feelings of how he treated me. And other moments when I have done or said something that I shouldn't have.....I wish I could take them back.

    I try to believe that we are who we are....and that if we learn from our past, our future will be better. I hope I am taking proper notes along the way~ LOL~ I pray everyday that I am doing my best to be the person God wants me to be....and that I am raising children to be good people too~

    Jennifer Bailey

  26. Mandy - Walt Disney would be a fun person to meet! And I agree, no matter how much time we spend with the people we love, once they're gone, it just doesn't seem like enough...

    Jennifer - it's been a long, long road, hasn't it? I think five hundred of your friends and family would agree with me when I say, you've done it all with such grace. You guys remain in our prayers and it's always so nice to see you when we get a chance. Thanks for stopping in and saying hi on my blog!

  27. My Bible study group is currently working our way through Donna's Your Strong Suit, and I LOVE it! Donna is so very real and transparent, not telling us where to go but leading us where she's been.

  28. Erica - I can't wait to read it myself! Too bad Rochester is so far away (about 3 hours) it would be fun to study it with you. :)

  29. Sharon, ahhh...I can just picture those wonderful, warm family memories. How wonderful that you could see the Lord during the tough times, as well. What an amazing picture of Him: relationships and His presence. Thanks so much for sharing that!

    Mandy, I'm right there with you about Walt Disney! I think he was one of the most singularly fascinating and imaginative people. I love your memory of family. Isn't it such a thumbprint of God to surround us with loving relationships? Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Jennifer, what powerful memories you've shared. I'm sorry to hear about your struggles, yet I can see how you've turned them over to God and entrust your children to Him. Being a parent is the highest calling in my opinion. I join you in that prayer. Blessings!

    Erica, EEEEK!! How fun! I love how much you love God's Word and your commitment to gather with other women to dig into it. I can't wait to meet you one day. It will be like picking up in the middle of a conversation with a long time friend. Hugs!

  30. I am really interested in the Bible Study. I feel like I have been in a desert at times and need some renewal. This summer has been a busy one, and a hard one losing my father-in-law. I need to draw closer to my Lord. Thanks for an other option to do that!

    As for a moment to relive, it is hard to choose between reliving a good memory or redoing one in which I should have done better... I think though that I would like to re-live the moment when I made Jesus Lord of my life. I would want to feel that incredible joy all over again and be motivated to tell everyone about it.I would enjoy having that first love feeling all over again! I don't want my faith to be common place, taking it for granted. I want to renew my zeal!

  31. Hi Donna! Hi Gabrielle! Oh, if I could go back, it would be the day I decided to get married in October before my dad left, instead of waiting until the following year. If we had waited, we could have had a much nicer wedding. Perhaps even professional wedding photos. Sigh. I know, I know, its the commitment to the marriage, not the ceremony that matters, but still. *grin* Great interview, and Donna's Bible study sounds amazing!

  32. Ohh, such a great interview! I'm excited about Donna's book release!

    If I could relive one might be my experience in London. Soo amazing. :)

  33. Joyce - thank you for stopping by and for sharing this post today on Facebook. Donna Pyle is an amazing woman of God and I know you'll love her study. You've chosen an amazing time that you'd like to relive - when you found Christ. I was so little, I don't remember the first time I asked Him to be Lord of my life, but there are been many moments of renewal on my faith journey.

    Gwen - I have some moments of my wedding day I wish I could do over, too, like I told Michelle, your marriage is glorifying God and that's the main thing to focus on. But, I know what it's like to want a re-do! :)

    Melissa - you're back from your blogging hiatus! So nice to see you here. I hear you about London - I'd love to go back and relive some of my time there. Hopefully I'll go again one day.

  34. I can't wait to read Donna's book! I don't think I would change anything from the past, but I wouldn't mind reliving some awesome moments like driving through the Sierra Nevadas with Keith Green blaring on the radio, standing on an empty Road to the Sun in Glacier National Park, or waking up in Switzerland and seeing the Alps outside my window. Those moments make me appreciate God's majesty!

  35. Sharla - it sounds like you've been to some pretty amazing places! I love traveling and there are many places I'd love to see again. Thank you for stopping by and good luck in the drawing!

  36. Joyce, wow, I love that you want to relive that moment when Jesus became the center of your life! What an amazing day. Your heart is leaning on Him - just keep on!

    Gwendolyn, one of my favorite quotes from Downton Abbey is: "I'd rather have the right man than the right wedding." Even though nice weddings give us warm fuzzy memories, spending your life with the man God chose for you FAR outweighs them! Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement.

    Melissa, apparently there's a London story that I've missed out on. I want to hear it in Dallas!

    Sharla, I'm right there with you! I'm a creation-wired person, as well, and beholding His majesty in nature just takes me to my knees every time. Thanks for sharing in the excitement about this new study!


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