Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Are You Reading?

The next best thing to writing a story, is reading one! And when it's written in a beautiful voice, with stunning characters, breathtaking setting and a well crafted plot, I'm smitten!

I'm currently reading Love on the Line, A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California, Unending Devotion, and Love's Reckoning. I used to devour a book or two a week, but now that I'm writing, I only have the pleasure of a couple a month.

I'm loving each of these books, when I can sneak in a minute or two. Last night I was up well past my bedtime with Love's Reckoning. Laura Frantz' writing is captivating, to say the least! You know it's good when you look at the clock, thinking it's around 11 p.m. and it's almost 1 a.m.!

What about you? What are you reading right now? Are you enjoying more than one book at the moment? What authors keep you up past your bedtime?


  1. Look at all those beautiful covers! I am reading more than one book at the moment. Right now I'm enjoying Stacy Henrie's "Lady Outlaw" and a few others. I recently read Keli's book and it was wonderful. Very much looking forward to the others and am eagerly awaiting Love's Reckoning!!

  2. I wish I was reading something fun, but I'm up to my eyeballs in wading through new textbooks for my classes. Yikes!!! I only have 10 days to finish these. And you know what? They never have a happy ending!!!!

  3. Gabrielle - what a fun reading list!

    I'm reading Deanne's Love on the Line, too. I'm also reading one of Julie Lessman's books, A Heart Revealed, Carol Cox's Love in Disguise, Cara Lynn James' Love on a Dime, and Tamara Leigh's Dreamspell, and I've got about 4 more waiting for an empty surface - I have them lying around at strategic places in the house and can't decide which one to commit to all the way. Rest assured - I'm not this fickle in love!

  4. I was just thinking I am due for a trip to the Gabrielle Meyer lending library :) I am reading the Amish Nanny by Minday Starns Clark right now - I have really liked her other books and this one is pretty good so far too - just finished Tales of the Road: Highway 61 by Cathy Wurzer - which you would LOVE too (from the library) all the history behind many landmarks on 61. And reading several books for work right now too including Smart Parenting, Smarter Kids: The One Brain Book You Need to Help Your Child Grow Brighter, Healthier, and Happier by David Allen Walsh - really excellent! I tend to not be able to read several fiction at one time like you can, but can read several books of different genres -

  5. Ooh, I loved Love on the Line! A Bride Opens Shop, too. Both so good!

    I'm reading "My Stubborn Heart" by Becky Wade...just finished Lisa Jordan's latest book (loved it!)...and Submerged by Dani Pettrey is next in line. :)

  6. Reading Lisa Jordan's "Lakeside Family" and then it'll be Jody Hedlund's "Unending Devotion." I have so many books piling up in my TBR pile that it drives me crazy. Like you, I used to read a few a week, but it's taken me a lot longer lately because of everything else!

  7. Those do sound good! I love books where I completely lose track of time when I'm reading!

    Judging by what you've read, I'm going to guess you wouldn't be as into my current book (though I absolutely love it). It's Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. It's a YA romance about a perfect, pretty, popular girl who falls in love with a poor, proud gang member. Lots of swearing, some drugs, violence, and, uh, physical closeness, but a great story with lots of tension, and I really like both main characters a lot.

  8. Joanne - I preordered Be Still My Soul and that will be on my reading list soon! Although, I ordered it for my Kindle, so I'll have to take a picture of it that way! I can't wait!! How are the early reviews going? Are you even looking at them? I bet they're fantastic!

    Ava - what classes are you taking? It is fun to learn, but sometimes the reading isn't as enthralling as a good romance! :)

    Becky - that list sounds amazing! I'm usually not so fickle in my reading, either, but one of these books was a gift (Bride Opens Shop) and two are for review (UD & LR), the fourth I bought with a gift card! I have more coming my way, too!! :)

    Beka - ooo! I have some good ones! You can borrow them whenever you'd like! Your list sounds pretty amazing, too - especially because I benefit from the non-fiction you're reading. :)

    Melissa - I'm so behind in my reading, but that's exciting, too, because it means there are so many excellent books out there to read. You are a well read lady!

    Lindsay - I know, and then you also do amazing critiques on the side! :) Thanks, again, for looking over my first three chapters! I appreciate your advice and perspective. :)

  9. Caryn - that sounds like it could keep you up late at night! I usually stick to inspirational, historical fiction, but recently I've discovered a couple of good contemporary books from debut authors: Katie Ganshert's Wildflowers from Winter and Beth Vogt's Wish You Were Here. There are so many wonderful books out there!

  10. I haven't updated my Goodreads recently, but I just finished Beth Vogt's - Wish You Were Here.

    Great book!!! I loved it.

  11. I haven't read anything all summer. I have to be motivated to read. If I'm not motivated, my reading experience won't be that good. Now that I read this, I should really put my nose in that book sometime soon!

  12. Loree - I loved Wish You Were Here, too! Beth & Katie Ganshert are making me rethink contemporary fiction. :)

    Livia - I'm happy that this post motivated you! I've had times like that, too - but I'm usually the type who can pick up a book at any given moment and submerge myself in it. :)

  13. Hey! Love the photo! I need to get back into reading but this month I'm slammed. But I am reading Princess of Mars for my book club. I've got a bunch on my to-read list and I need to add some parenting books in there somewhere :)

  14. I'm right there with you, Gabrielle! I only read a couple of month during this busy Fall writing/speaking season. Right now, I'm going through in "Unlimiting God" by Richard Blackaby and "Praying for Your Future Husband" by Tricia Goyer. The authors that I love reading? John Ortberg, Andy Stanley, Bill Hybels, and Max Lucado. Excellent stuff!

  15. i Just finished Words Spoken True by Ann Gabhart. It was a free kindle download. I've never read any of her books, but will be keeping an eye out for others. Really enjoyed this novel.

    Anything by Julie Klassen or Lynn Austin will generally keep my up past my bedtime. Problem is I've already read all their books, so waiting for their newest novels to come out.

  16. Ooo, I want to read all of those! I just finished Short-Straw Bride and now I am reading Sandwich with a Side of Romance, by Krista Phillips. It's gooood!

  17. Jennette - reading a parenting book is never a bad idea! I've never heard of Princess of Mars - sounds intriguing!

    Donna - that's a great list of authors! I'm also a big fan of Max Lucado, he has a bit of C.S. Lewis' heart, doesn't he? I'm looking forward to reading your Bible Study, Donna!!

    Teri - how are you? How was that family visit? I loved seeing the photos on Facebook. I haven't read anything by Ann, either, but I've heard she has excellent books. And you've listed two of my favorite authors - Julie & Lynn!

    Sherrinda - I can't wait to read Short-Straw Bride, I've heard the best things about it! The other one I haven't heard of, but it has a cute title!

  18. Princess of Mars is kind of weird, but I haven't finished it yet, so we shall see. There are so many parenting books out there, its hard to know which ones to invest your time and money in. I'm looking forward to my MOPS group starting back up this fall.

  19. Oh my, Gabrielle!
    It's nice to see you again. And how fortunate are you? I've read Love on the Line, but every of the other books I would really like to read.

    And I'm thinking, You'll LOVE Short-Straw Bride!(read it, thinking of re-reading it.)

    Bless you, madam!


  20. LOVED Short straw bride!

    Am in the middle of reading way too many books at the moment! It's been a year of some of my FAVORITE books but it's also been a year of having the least amount of time to read!

    Katie's Wildflowers from Winter,
    Keli's A Bride Open Shops in El Dorado, CA
    Kathy Harris' The Road to Mercy

    And a few more I'm forgetting, I know!

    And Jody's new book is on it's way from Amazon!

    Already read Love on the Line, loved it like I do all of Deeanne's books!

  21. Krista - thank you for stopping by and following my blog! I can't wait to read Short Straw Bride, I've heard so many wonderful things about it. Just waiting for a little extra time to do it - after the ACFW Conference!


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