Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday Fun: Minnesota Style, My Hometown

Summer is now behind us and Autumn is displaying glorious colors, but I haven't had my camera out to take photos, yet! I promise I'll do that this week and next Friday I'll have even more proof that Minnesota is one of the most beautiful states in the Union. :)

Two weeks ago, my hubby and I brought our kiddos out for Dairy Queen and then we drove around town through the rain. It was such a fun time - and it reminded me of some of my favorite memories from when I was a kid in the backseat of my parents' mini-van. When I was little I ordered a chocolate cone dipped in crunch, but when I was a little older I always had a M&M Blizzard. Now I get a cookie dough Blizzard with brownie chunks! Mmmm... Our Dairy Queen closes for the winter, so we're getting in all the treats we can handle before the snow flies. :)

Here are a couple of my photos from that outing.

What about you? What kind of treat do you get when you go to the Dairy Queen?


  1. Usually midnight truffle blizzard with pecans, but lately peanut buster parfaits taste so good! We miss the Little Falls DQ alot! Along with all the friends, church family, zoo, Long Prairie Drive In, etc. All the people and places that make LF and surrounding area very special!

    Bobbi Jo Champion

  2. Love the pictures, Gabrielle, especially the rainbow.

    Do all ice cream places in Minnesota close for the winter? In California we eat ice cream year 'round.

  3. Wonderful pics, Gabrielle. My hubby loves seeing these - he's from close to your neck of the woods and I always make a point to share your photos with him.

    Dairy Queen - I'm a Heath Bar girl. LOVE the Heath Blizzard. Yum. Gonna have to get me some of that Heath Blizzard now....

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. I love your photos!

    I also had to smile at the talk about Dairy Queen. My youngest sister is 10 years younger than me and when I was a teenager and she was a little kid, we used to take outings to Dairy Queen in the summer...and I have all these photos she drew when she was little of her and me and the DQ. I dig 'em out every once in awhile to make me smile. :)

  5. I grew up in a tiny town, and if there were only a few kids on the bus home, the driver would stop at the Dairy Queen and get us all ice cream cones. :)

  6. We've had Dairy Queen (just Andrew and I...after kids are in bed :) ) 3 times the past week...bad...but oh so good :). I have been getting the french silk pie blizzard, and ask them to add chocolate cone dip. They always ask "Instead of the chocolate fudge?" To which I reply "No, in addition to the chocolate fudge."


  7. Down here we don't have them, but up north we so do and I love the Peanut Buster Parfait. "Everybody loves a good parfait." Name that movie! ;)

    Love your photos. They're always so beautiful!

  8. I'm far to self disciplined and important and special to EVER by junk food, especially ice cream.

    AHAHA! And I lie like a rug.


    I'm rather fond of the cheesequake blizzard, you know, on that one day a year that I allow myself to go off my organic spelt and quinoa, free range chicken and tofu diet.

    I have to go now, the van is making me go to the drive thru.

  9. Bobbi Jo - we miss you, too! MOPS isn't quite the same without you, neither is AWANA. :( I love Peanut Buster Parfaits, as well, but since I worked at the Dairy Queen, I pretty much love everything there!

    Keli - no, not all. Usually independent Dairy Queens that are in their own little building close for the winter, but ice cream parlors in malls and strip malls stay open year round. I imagine people don't usually get the hankering for an ice cream cone in -10 degrees weather! I'd much rather have hot chocolate on days like that!

    Becky - I'm happy your hubby is enjoying them, as well! I'm such a fan of Minnesota, I can't help but share my love for it! :) I worked at the DQ and the Heath Bar Blizzard was one I never tried because Heath always gets stuck in my teeth - but it was a very popular choice for a lot of people.

    Melissa - some of my favorite memories from childhood center around people taking me to the DQ! How fun that your sister had such good times with you there - and you have pictures to prove it! :) Do you ever show her those pictures now?

    Julie - I never took the bus, but I remember my friends telling me the same thing - especially on the last day of school. :)

    Lindsay L. - I can totally hear you saying that! If you're going to go all out, get the cone dip AND the chocolate fudge!! :) Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

    Jessica - I had to google that one! :) Shrek?? I'm so sorry you don't have Dairy Queens in the South, that's just terrible! At least you have access. By the way, I loved your text yesterday - it was a day brightener - even if it took me forever to respond! :)

    Jennifer - :) I wonder what a tofu Blizzard would taste like? They say that tofu takes on the flavor it's added to - it could be interesting! My van always pulls me into the drive thru - it's tough to say no...

  10. *gasp* How sad that your DQ closes in the winter!!!! I love ice cream, and eat it even in the winter. Of course, it doesn't exactly get freezing cold here like in Minnesota...

    And my fave is the Oreo Blizzard! Their Dilly bars are good too, especially if I'm looking for a lower-cal option (get the no sugar added kind).

  11. What beautiful pictures!! I love rain, rainbows and sunsets following a storm. :) MY DQ fave has got to be a plain ole chocolate dipped cone. I had one on the way home from Dallas last weekend! YUM!

  12. Oh, my gosh! You're making me hungry! Now I want to eat so much ice cream and we don't have any in the house (because, of course, I'd eat it. So I don't buy it.)

    Anyway, I loved the photos, too. The third one is so gorgeous and arresting. Really. I don't know if it's the colors, or what, but you may want to enter it in Pioneer Woman Photography's latest contest/meme/thingie because they're doing Instagram photos. This definitely deserves to be with all the others she has highlighted.

  13. I'm a simple, chocolate-dipped cone kinda girl. But the Peanut Buster Parfait is good too... :-)

  14. Whenever we traveled as a kid, we would stop at DQ. I loved getting a Dilly Bar for dessert! YUM. I always made a mess, but it was oh-so-good!

  15. Beautiful pics, Gabrielle!
    Thanks for sharing.

    I had to look this up, but I think what I usually order is a blizzard. But I'm definitely for anything with chocolate!! (except dark chocolate that is!)

    Blessings to you and your fam =)


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