Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Laura Frantz & Book Giveaway

It is my great pleasure to welcome author Laura Frantz to my blog today. Please join our conversation in the comments below. Laura is giving away a copy of her newest release, Love’s Reckoning, to one very lucky winner!
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I first met Laura in the pages of her novel, The Colonel’s Lady, and I became a big fan. At the time I read Laura’s book, I was beginning to feel I was ready to start pursuing my dream to write again, after we had our twins. Her book so enthralled me, I did something I’ve never done before, I went to an author’s website – and I stumbled across her blog.

I’ll never forget the moment I read the end of the third entry in Laura’s blog (shortly after she signed her first book contract), her words resonated in my writer’s heart and I was overcome with tears; I knew it was a divinely appointed time: “I am still stunned as I write this and I encourage anyone who might stumble upon this post to take heart and ...don't give up! If He planted the dream in your heart He won't leave you hanging. We have a Father who never fails.” That message was almost four years old, but it was lying there waiting for me to find it. I knew the time had come to start my own writing journey and her words were the encouragement I needed.

Imagine my stunned delight when Laura accepted my friend request on Facebook (the first author I’d ever requested!) and shortly thereafter committed to praying for my writing journey. She extended the hand of friendship and became one of my earliest blog followers. Her encouraging spirit, and belief in my writing, has propelled me much farther and much faster than I had ever dreamed possible. I thank God for introducing me to Laura Frantz. She’s quite a lady!
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Laura, welcome to my blog home! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by to chat and share a little about your newest release, Love’s Reckoning.

I’m so excited to be here, Gabrielle. Your site is one of my favorites, being fellow bibliophiles and history lovers and more!

Thank you! We do share many of the same interests and I know that’s why I love your books – and your blog – so much. In my introduction, I shared how I started my writing journey, could you tell us how you got started, and who has encouraged you along the way?

My Mom says she found me at my dad’s desk at age 7 writing a story about ships. Writing was just something that always felt like coming home to me – always a bit of magic involved, something otherworldly. When I found out I could step into a story like the ones I checked out at the library, I never wanted to leave that world behind. I still feel that same way as an adult.  I wrote historical fiction throughout high school and college, taking a 5 year break when my kids were small and then resuming again. I’m most comfortable when I’m writing just for the sheer joy of it.

My biggest encourager would be my brother, Chris, a pastor and teacher in Spain. He dared me to try to publish something. I thought nothing would ever come of it so guess he had the last laugh! I went through the Writer’s Edge and was picked up by Revell in about 6 months. I’m still pinching myselfJ.

I’m so happy your brother encouraged you to seek publication and that you picked up writing after taking a break raising your small children. As you know, I’m a wife and a mother of four young children; figuring out how to keep it all balanced with my writing dream is a challenge, but I know it can be done well. What wisdom have you gained, about keeping your life balanced, can a new writer benefit from?

I believe nothing is as important as family or our relationship with God. As writers we have to be very careful to not let writing become an idol and take precedence. Even after publishing, it’s important to stay centered on Christ and the fact that He gave us the gift of writing for His glory, not our own. I always urge writer moms to pray about their schedules and ask the Lord to give them pockets of time in which to write. He will! And like you said, it can be done well if you lean on the Lord and He gives you balance, not burnout.

I’ve had to do just that, seek out those pockets of time to work on my book. Since February, I feel like I’ve been on a crash course in Writing 101! I’ve spent many hours learning as much as I can about writing and the publishing industry, but sometimes I wonder what I should focus my attention on. What do you think is the most important thing you’ve done for your writing career?

It may sound too simplistic but the best advice is to simply WRITE. Devote the bulk of your time to your story and characters and what the Lord wants to do through your story. I came to publishing 5 years ago without anything – no agent, no writing conference, no contests, no online presence, etc.  I just tried to write the best story I was capable of and the door swung open in God’s time. There’s tremendous pressure today to be socially savvy regarding Twitter and Facebook and Blogger and other sites. But that can be a trap if we’re not careful and it can steal away valuable writing time. Another tip is to be a discerning reader. I learn more about stellar writing from reading authors who write better than I do than from any craft book, though craft books have their place.

I couldn't agree more and you've become one of my favorite authors to study, Laura. I had the privilege of reading your newest novel, Love’s Reckoning, and I’m anxious to share my review for it! It’s like a beautiful painting, with the perfect colors, shading and texture. It’s the first in a four series saga about the Ballantyne Family. Can you tell us a little about this book and the ones to come?

I’m truly itching to read your review, thank you! Set in Pennsylvania, The Ballantyne Legacy showcases one man’s choices in love and work, in friends and enemies, which sets the stage for generations to come. Love’s Reckoning is the first of four books beginning in the late 1700’s and following the Ballantyne family through the end of the Civil War. It’s sort of a mail order groom story with a handsome young Scotsman and two sisters. Watch out for some historical fireworksJ!

I can’t believe I have to wait another year to learn what happens with the next generation of Ballantyne’s! I hope my review did your lovely book justice.

Sometimes I think we imagine things to be far different than they actually are, especially when it comes to the writer’s life. So far, what has been the biggest surprise for you?

You’re so right – life pre and post publishing is quite different! The biggest surprise has been the amount of marketing and publicity involved. I’m not one of those writers who sell their books or self-promotes without pain. I’d much rather talk about you and what you’re doing or writing. But self-promo has to be done. Authors no longer live in isolation and having an online presence is here to stay. I’d encourage you and other bloggers to hone their writing skills and build an audience by doing just what you’re doing, having a writing ministry on your own site and connecting with others who share your passion. Once you’re published, you’ve made a jump start and that’s a beautiful thing!

Thank you for the encouragement, Laura. Just tonight I told my husband I’m getting the blogging blues, that I’m feeling a little rundown with my schedule and struggling to find topics to discuss, but he told me: “Keep doing what you’re doing, because people are loving it and you’re ministering to a lot of your readers.” He always knows what to say at the right moment and so do you. J

Laura, as always, I’ve enjoyed chatting with you! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions. I will continue to pray that God uses the work of your hands and heart to further His kingdom.

That’s a beautiful benediction, Gabrielle. I pray the same, too, for you.

What about you? Do you have a question for Laura? What wisdom have you gained about keeping your life balanced?
~ ~ ~ ~
Laura has generously agreed to give away a copy of her newest release, Love’s Reckoning, to one lucky commenter!

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The drawing will close on Friday, September 7th at 11:59 p.m.

To read my review of Love's Reckoning, go here.


  1. Lovely interview, Gabrielle and Laura! I just started Love's Reckoning and already I'm hooked. Even after just a few chapters, I find myself thinking about Eden and all that is to come. I've been swept up in the story in a way that's very rare for me. Delighted to have discovered Laura and her books. She is as welcoming and kind as any writer I've met. Gabrielle, you follow that same path of kindness so graciously.

    1. Oh Joanne, So good to see you here:) I'm finally up west coast time as my boys start their 2nd day of school today. Yikes! I miss them but it's nice to have a quiet house after 3 busy summer months.

      Your words about my story mean so much to me. I felt the same way about yours when I read the sample chapter of Be Still My Soul on the Waterbrook site:) I can't wait to savor it in its entirety! And I just love the cover!!

      You're so right about Gabrielle. She does follow the path of kindness so graciously. Beautifully said. I feel so blessed to have met you both!! And if not for the blogging world, that wouldn't have happened:)

  2. What a wonderful gift you two have in each other! I just won a copy of Love's Reckoning from Colonial Quills (another wonderful blog!) so don't enter me but I'm LOVING it! Totally swept away and right now, my heart is just aching for Silas and the whole Lee family - so don't tell me what happens!

    Laura - love hearing about your relationship with your brother. Do you have any other brothers and sisters or is it just the two of you?

    Blessings to you both,

    1. Becky, SO thrilled you're swept up into Eden and Silas's story! I sure was while writing it and didn't want to climb out when done. Thankfully, I got to hold onto them a little longer in book 2 though I aged them 25-30 years which was a challenge. But very intriguing:) Now I'm beginning book 3 and they're very old, indeed...

      Speaking of winning books, some of my dearest online friends have resulted from readers getting a copy of my books who'd never heard of me before. I felt an instant connection to you, Becky, not only because of our shared love of fiction and the written word but because of your missions background and mine:) Plus you have a graciousness Joanne talked about that just plays out over the web. That's a delightful thing!

      My, I'm long winded this morning! As for my brother, Chris, who is 5 years younger than me, we're the only 2! And we manage to stay close. My boys are just crazy about him and he flies in to see us when he can. Right now he's in the states teaching at a seminary in Ohio before returning to Spain in 6 months.

      Thanks so much for being here! And happy reading!

  3. I'm so hoping I get to read this book soon!
    Laura, are you mainly sticking with historical fiction or will you ever be doing any contemporary?
    I'm follower.
    Liked your page.
    Shared on twitter.

    1. Amy, Thanks so much for your kind comments:) I would love for you to read this book soon, too! Love your question. I've never written a contemp novel before. Everything I wrote ever since I was small has been historical so guess I'm stuck in that genre - but happily so:) I think if I tried to write a contemporary I'd sound so dated. This is a woman who has to ask her kids to turn on the TV for her as I don't know how to operate the remotes. And I don't own a cell phone but borrow my son's! But I do love a good contemp novel, esp when they're blended with history like Susan Meissner does.

      Anyway, thanks so much for being here and hope you have a blessed day!

  4. Good morning, Ladies! Thank you so much for stopping by to chat for a little while this morning.

    Joanne - thnak you for your kind words, the feeling is mutual! I can't wait to read Be Still My Soul - I just know you've poured your heart into that book, which will make it so lovely to read.

    Becky - I'm so happy we've been able to connect via blogging and I'm looking forward to meeting you face to face soon!!

    Amy - that's a great question for Laura (and I love her answer!) - I'm a historical fan through and through, although some of my new contemporary writing friends are showing me the joys of that genre, as well. I love all things historical, so I devour Laura's books!!

    1. Gabrielle, You've done such a beautiful job setting this up today and I'm so blessed to meet your readers here, friends old and new:) You're really establishing a lovely gathering place for like-minded readers and writers. And you get to meet some of them in Dallas soon! Oh, to be there and give you a hug!! Can't wait to see the pics and read your thoughts once you return. Prayers with you as you go...

    2. Laura, thank you for the lovely compliment, l love my blogging friends! I can't wait to share my Dallas experience with you!

  5. Okay, this makes me want to pull Courting Morrow Little out of my TBR pile in my room and read it! Maybe this weekend...

    Laura, you seem like such a lovely person! I love how you've encouraged Gabe so much. I cannot express what it has meant to me when published authors or authors ahead of me in the writing journey (i.e., with agents or books pending publication) come alongside me and encourage me. It's baffling, really, except I know that it's because we all share the common goal of glorifying the Lord in our work.

    1. Lindsay, It means so much knowing Morrow is nearby! But I wouldn't mind if she got bumped for Love's Reckoning;)

      Thanks so much for your comments - they're lovely, too. You've discovered such a vital part of the writing life - meeting others who want to glorify Him with words while encouraging others on the way. As iron sharpens iron, so to speak:) I've been so blessed with online friendships, so much so that when you finally meet face to face you feel you truly know the person and there's no awkwardness or anything! That's truly a God thing:)

  6. I'm a big fan of Laura's. I just loved The Colonel's Lady. I look forward to the entire Ballantyne Legacy. Laura, love your advice on family and staying centered on Christ as we write. So much truth.

    1. Loree, Love that you enjoyed TCL. I miss those character so much and wish I could return to Roxanna's world. Strange how we become so attached to imaginary people:) But maybe that speaks to how real they are on the page, or so I hope!

      Thanks for your comments on staying centered in Christ as we write. It's something I have to remind myself of. There's so much pulling at us both pre and post publication that the most important part of our writing - Christ Himself - can get squeezed out. Yet we can't do this without Him. I'm always amazed at the way He gifts us to write. Thanks so much for being here and lifting us up with your comments.

  7. Awesome timing! I just read my first Laura Frantz book this weekend and loved it sooo much. :) The Frontiersman's Daughter, I think was the title. I just felt like I was *there* as I read. Loved it.

    I loved the encouragement to start marketing early!

    1. Melissa, So happy you're here. Oh, and you've met Lael! If you can survive that coming of age story, my others are cake:) Love that you felt you were there as you read it. That's certainly my intent as an author.

      YAY to early marketing! It really does help in the long run. I'm still catching up though I've had some wonderful examples to follow like Keli Gwyn. She's a master at connecting and keeping current and has turned promoting others into a ministry. There are others out there, too, but she's the one that comes to mind most readily:)

  8. What a joy to see one of my favorite authors featured on your blog. Laura Frantz truly has a gift for writing and a ministry in her writing. "Love's Reckoning" is an epic story of emotions and choices. The story transports the reader to another time in America, but the lessons learned from the consequences of the choices made, both good and bad, can be applied to today. I only wish books of this caliber lasted longer! Why do we read a great book so fast in order to see where it is going, yet wish it would not end? Thank you for the time you both gave to this blog entry.

    1. Mary, Love your gracious words - as always! You really understand the heart of the Ballanytne Legacy - the power of our choices and how they play out for ill or good. In book 2, Love's Awakening (so called because the novel opens in spring and also because of the Great Awakening/George Whitefield's influence AND because it's the first time Silas and Eden's daughter falls in love), the generational pattern of sin, especially, comes to the forefront with the Turlock clan. I hadn't meant for my hero to run away with the book but he did. I pray his story does what I hope it will as far as underscoring the reality of prayer and godly, or ungodly, choices.

      And I so agree! Why do we consume a book like dessert and then be left wanting more after it takes so long to write one! Kind of like a holiday dinner. All that preparation and it's gone in a few minutes. Sigh! I think heaven will have unending books - and desserts:) And no endings at all!

  9. Lindsay - I've been so blessed by Laura, in so many ways she doesn't even realize. She's an amazing woman of faith and a stunning author. I can't encourage you enough to read Courting Morrow Little and I'll add you to the drawing for Love's Reckoning - good luck!

    Loree - I can't wait for the next installment of the Ballantyne Legacy - but, ahh! I have to wait a year?!?! :)

    Melissa - isn't Laura's writing fantastic? And I loved her encouragement, too. It's so nice to have experienced writers share their wisdom with us. Good luck in the drawing - you'll adore Love's Reckoning, too!

    Mary - I loved this: "I only wish books of this caliber lasted longer! Why do we read a great book so fast in order to see where it is going, yet wish it would not end?" I couldn't agree more! The beautiful thing about Love's Reckoning is it's just the first in a four part series! Yay for us! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Laura and Gabrielle.

    What a beautiful interview/posting...
    As you know, Laura, I love your storytelling...very, very much. And I am eager to read Eden & Silus's saga.

    Gabrielle, thank you for the opportunity to read Laura's latest masterpiece. I recently discovered your blog...I hope that you don't mind if I visit often.

    I'm a follower, too.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

    1. Karen, I was just this very morning hoping you'd be here!! You are such a faithful reading friend. More than anything, I'm thrilled you've discovered Gabrielle's site here. It's a welcoming, wonderful place.

      Oh, love how you phrased that - Eden and Silas's saga. Well said, my friend:) Thank you.

  11. Great interview! I really like the advice about praying for pockets of time, that's very smart advice that I could use in all areas of my life right now. Love's Reckoning sounds absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

    I follow via GFC - Liz R.
    I liked your author page-Elizabeth Libby Riggs
    I posted on facebook - http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.l.riggs/posts/408128142585228
    I tweeted - https://twitter.com/BookWorm8900/status/243383683145428993


    1. Liz, Bless you for being here and doing so much in the way of following and liking:) That way everyone can have fun and get connected!

      Praying for pockets of time has really helped me and I'm always thankful when they come, hand delivered straight from heaven! I'm sure you'll find them to be so, too.

      I can't wait for you to get your hands on LR, too! Thanks so much for saying so!!

  12. What a great interview! I always love reading them to learn about authors I might not have known much about and that I read all the time. In this case, however, I haven't read any of Laura's books (but I have just ordered Courting Morrow Little!), but am looking forward to reading this one! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! I'm a new follower. =)


    1. Elyssa, You're so right about these interviews - I've discovered some wonderful, new-to-me authors I would have missed otherwise! There are so many books out there it really helps when someone cares enough to post like Gabrielle does and then have friends like you show up!

      Thanks so much for ordering Morrow's story. What a work of the heart that one was:) I hope you enjoy it very much.

  13. I've heard great things about this book! Sounds like a read I'd enjoy. :)

    1. Stacy, Thanks so much for your warm words - they bless me. I hope Eden's story blesses you if you read it! Great to see you here.

  14. Ladies, I'm so thrilled that you're all here today visiting with us!

    Karen - yay for a new friend! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

    Liz-so nice to meet you! Thank you for sharing and following!

    Elyssa- welcome! So happy to meet you. Looking forward to connecting.

    Stacy - good luck in the drawing! You'll love Laura's new story!

  15. What a great interview!! Every time I read another review of Love's Reckoning, I get more antsy to read it!! I just love's Laura's writing-you're right Gabrielle, it is just like a painting!

    I also became a blog follower and I liked your Facebook Author page!


    1. Marissa, You and Gabrielle are good for an author's heart and soul:) Love the painting analogy. I'll try to be deserving of that lovely thought! So good to see you here - or anywhere:) Thanks so much for being such a bright spot!

  16. Hi Laura & Gabrielle!! This was such an awesome and encouraging interview! Gabrielle, I completely agree with you, Laura has such a rare and beautifully encouraging spirit. She's always ready with a kind word and she's quick to pray if she knows of a need. I first met her in the pages of her first novel, The Frontiersman's Daughter, and I can honestly say I have never been more happy to have picked up a book in my life. Little did I know the dear friend this wonderful author would become. God is good :)

    Laura, you are a blessing! Such sound advice you give here. I'm so happy God called you to write and you answered! Praise the Lord for little brothers ;)

    Gabrielle, thank you for hosting Laura here! It's always a pleasure to read her interviews :) Please don't enter me in the giveaway, as I already have a copy of this FANTASTIC book!


    1. Amanda, I've been missing you:) And here you are! I was thinking back and trying to remember how we first met and I'll always be grateful to Lael! It was no accident you picked that book up. The Lord had a plan. I love to think of Him weaving lives and friendships way ahead of time. He is so personal and creative.

      Yes, praise the Lord for little brothers! I know you love yours to death, too:)

      And I'm so thrilled you and Gabrielle have met. You are kindred spirits for sure. Bless you for making my evening so special by being here. Till we meet again:)

  17. What a wonderful interview, Gabrielle and Laura! And so encouraging to writers, I loved it. I'm still learning how to balance my crazy life, lol! "Let go"--that is what is helping me at the moment. I have many expectations and plans that conflict with my new life in KY, which leaves me very frustrated at times. I know that "let go" isn't the right advice for everyone, but for me, it's freeing.

    Gabrielle, I'm having a hard time with blog inspiration too. Sometimes I feel like a fool, rambling on and jumping from here to there on topics. And in the midst of all of it, I'm praying that someone will be blessed. When we get to heaven, I imagine we'll be shocked by all the lives we've touched through words and deeds we would deem insignificant.

    Laura, I love getting to know you, and I'm having such a blast tagging along with your interviews! I appreciated the bit you wrote about not allowing writing to become an idol. You're so right, nothing is worth sacrificing relationships--especially when God is counting on your ministry to them. You would laugh--the other day, I prayed, "Lord, if I don't get to publish my books this side of eternity, how about during your Millennial Reign?" LOL!

    1. Oh, Gwen, you are such a sweetheart. Only a true friend would put up with all this endless promo! Tonight as I looked at my WordPress schedule for September I was wondering who out there is getting weary about my posting about LR and where I am on the web - bless you for enjoying the ride!! I do love these interviews and am thankful you have an appreciative spirit, too.

      I think the best part of a book release is linking bloggers who may not have connected otherwise. And every hostess asks such creative questions! I love Gabrielle's commentary between questions which is something I love about your blog interviews, too.

      LOL about the Millennial Reign - think of all that writing time!! And your insight into "Let Go" is very wise.

      Thanks so much for stopping and leaving such thoughtful comments. I feel quite spoiled being here with you all and dear Gabrielle:)

  18. Marissa - I can't say enough good things about Love's Reckoning - you will love it! Good luck in the drawing and thank you for following my blog! I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Amanda - isn't Laura the best?!?! I'm so happy we have her as a friend in common - you just can't help but love her and she makes the best kind of friend. :) Thank you for stopping by and saying hello today.

    Gwen - I'm so thankful for Laura because of so many things, but her blog was the reason I discovered yours and I'm so happy I did! Your posts have been very encouraging to me, so don't feel dismayed - you may never know how much your words have meant to those who read them, but rest assured they do. I absolutely loved your last sentence and that speaks more to your writer's heart than anything else. You seek to be published to glorify your Creator and not yourself, I believe it's that type of humility that God will take pleasure in using here on Earth. You bless me, woman! Thanks for stopping by today - and so many other days, too. :)

  19. Thanks for having this contest Gabrielle. It's nice to get to know Laura better. I do have a question for Laura. What fascinates your about writing historical's. What's the Draw for you? I also wanted to know what the draw is for you to write Christian Fiction when you can write for any market? Just curious.

    Thanks again for putting my name in the hat. I haven't read any of Laura's books yet. If I win this will be my first one!!


    Nora St.Laurent

    1. Whoops, Nora. I missed that reply button:) Please see below!

  20. Hi Nora, So happy you're here! Your questions are ones I've asked myself many times. I've actually considered crossing over and writing for the secular market if the Lord directs. I'm coming to see my word isn't typical CBA material and might be a better fit for the ABA. And they really need a light over there:)It's interesting that the fastest growing genres right now are paranormal and inspirational. Darkness and light.

    I've always had a passion for history since I was very small and this has a huge impact on the stories I write. I tend to highlight the grittier aspects of history and stay true to the times. But I do promise a happily ever after in all my books. Anything less makes me very unhappy!

    I'd love for you to read LR. I'm such a fan of The Book Club Network! And you, dear Nora:) Thanks so much for being here.

    1. Whoops, please excuse that typo above. I meant to say, "I'm coming to see my work isn't..." But you probably know what I meant:)

  21. Nora - your questions are great! I've often wondered why authors make the choices they make. I'll be sure to put your name in the drawing, thanks for stopping by!

    Laura - I'm having so much fun learning about you! I'd love to hear more about your answers to Nora one day, especially your thoughts on the CBA and the ABA and why you've felt your books might fit better in the secular market. Very fascinating! Thank you for being on my blog - this has been one of my blogging journey highlights, my friend.

  22. Hi Laura,
    Just love your books! Can you give some suggestions for reading while we wait for your next book to come out? I read "Love's Reckoning" the day it came out - and it was sooo good!
    Thanks very much!
    kohlert @ mail dot gvsu dot edu

    1. Oh Tiffany!! There should be some special prize for reading a book the day it releases!! Bless you so much for that:) Makes this author's heart sing...

      Great question. Here's my shortlist of reading keepers:

      HERE BURNS MY CANDLE and MINE IS THE NIGHT by Liz Curtis Higgs (or any Liz book:)

      THE BLUE CASTLE by LM Montgomery

      THE MEASURE OF KATIE CALLOWAY by Serena Miller (recent RITA award winner and fellow Revell author.) She has an amazingly good romance coming out next month which I was happy to endorse titled A PROMISE TO LOVE.

      Francine River's MARK OF THE LION series. Most libraries have these and they're also available for very little on Amazon, etc. And of course, REDEEMING LOVE:)

      Other historical authors who are popular and you may already be familiar with are Julie Lessman, Sandra Byrd, Julie Klassen, Tamera Alexander, MaryLu Tyndall. Hard to think of them off the top of my head - am sure I'm missing some good ones!

      For readers who've told me they don't want to wait for book 2 Ballantyne (and I'm writing faster, I promise;), I suggest reading Love's Reckoning over again right before book 2 releases next summer. That way the story is fresh and you really get all those little nuances and details as you make the leap between books.

      Well, now that I've written you a novella here... If I think of more I'll be back here to add to the list:) Love talking books. And thanks so very much for being so excited about LR that you were one of the first to read the story!! I'll remember that:)

  23. Tiffany - great question! I can't wait to see Laura's suggestions. :)

  24. Laura, I enjoyed getting to know a little about you. I especially enjoyed what you shared about being sensitive to God's leadership and not allowing writing to become an idol. As a pastor's wife and a writer, I'm seeking God's guidance continually. Many times, while I might prefer to be writing, I know my place is beside my husband in ministry. Discovering that balance according to God's plan is vitally important.

    Blessing on your newest release. I've read The Frontiersman's Daughter and really enjoyed it. Love's Reckoning sounds like a great story.

    1. Teri, It's wonderful to meet you here and learn you're a pastor's wife and writer and more. I so agree with you about being beside your husband in ministry over our wants and needs at times. The Lord always redeems the time when we honor Him and our mate. Balance is very important like you've shared as is seeking God's guidance continually. It saves us so much heartache.

      So happy you've met Lael and would like to meet Eden and Silas:) I loved writing their story and wish I could approach it fresh as a reader again. Bless you for being here.


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