Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Stinkin' Cat Story!

What I forgot to add is that when the vet assistant asked about the cat's medical history and I told her she had six week old kittens at home, the vet almost didn't do the surgery! At that point, after all the drama, I wasn't going to take this cat home without having her spayed. Needless to say, the cat is spayed, all the kittens have been given away, and my wounds are healed!

Here's the blog post I mentioned by Jessica Patch (as a guest on Lisa Jordan's blog in July). Her story left me with a smile on my face. :)

What about you? Any traumatic animal experiences to share?


  1. Gabrielle,

    I'm on the NaNo countdown, so although I'm reading everyone's posts, I haven't been commenting much on ANY blogs - just trying to keep my head up! But I wanted to tell you that this came at midnight and I opened it up for a break in my writing.

    I'm so glad I did - what a great laugh! And I have to tell you, I'm not a cat person AT ALL (my daughter has hairless sphinx cats which I tolerate but still cringe when she refers to them as my grandbabies - ew.) so this really made me chuckle.

    Love Jess's story, too. Oh, the things we go through for our pets. What I wouldn't do for my dog....

    I'm so happy for you and this wild year you've had, Gabby, and I'm praying that the right doors simply fly open for you. You are a real blessing in my writing world.

    Thanks for the midnight treat!


  2. ROFL!! You literally scared the crap out of your cat! Thanks for sharing the link to my stupid dog story. Just thinking about that makes me want to kick her out in the cold with that arthritic hip of hers. (jk...maybe)

    I'm still cracking up. I'm not a fan of cats. At. All.

  3. Haaaaa too funny. Oh my goodness!!

    My best pet story: When I was a kid we had a dog named Chubby (named by his original owner, by the way, not us Taggs)...and...his eye fell out...twice. Not even joking. The first time, the vet just popped it back in. Second time, they actually did surgery. Yeah...crazy...but true...

  4. The video won't work for me!! Boo. I'll have to try watching later. But I think you might have told me this story already... :P

    When we first introduced by dog and cat, my cat climbed up me--literally--and scratched me on the nose and right by my eye. I have a tiny scar now. Yeah.

    And Melissa...I'm horrified by your story. Horrified!!!

  5. Thistle did her "crazy dog" run around and around the living room the first time my mom came to visit her. It was sort of amusing until Thistle crazy dogged right over top of mom where she sat on the sofa. Mom said, "I'm fine, I'm fine," but the blood running down her cheek gave lie to that statement. It wasn't a bad cut, but I was horrified. Somehow mom loves her now calmer granddog anyway!

  6. Not even going to try to top that story, Gabrielle. Oh. My. Word. I would have left the cat at the gas station.

    Only kidding.

  7. Great vlog, Gabrielle! Love your story! :)

  8. Becky - thank you so much for your kind words. Between me with a deadline in October and now so many people with NaNo, I feel like I've lost touch with some people, but I love that we're all just a click away and, as writers, we understand that our writing has to come first sometimes. :) I loved your comment - it brightened my day. I'm cheering you on to the finish line of NaNo!!

    Jessica - I know! That's what I told my husband later. :) And, I was totally serious. I might have scared my boys a bit, too! Their eyes were as wide as I've ever seen them. I was not happy with that cat. I still laugh at your dog story. :)

    Melissa - that's so funny! I told my husband what you wrote and he cracked up, too! Poor dog - poor Taggs! :)

    Lindsay - I remember hearing the story about your cat, too - those claws are sharp! Sorry the vlog didn't work for you, but thanks for trying. :)

    Sarah - oh, my goodness! Your mom must have been stunned! Thankfully she was able to look past the event and still love Thistle - he made a lasting impression, no doubt. :) Thanks for stopping by to say hi today!

    Beth - I seriously considered giving the cat to the first person I met! When the vet told me they weren't sure if they could do the surgery because her kittens were so little, I almost laughed. There was no way I was bringing her home without getting spayed, because there was no way I was bringing her back to the vet!

    Livia - thanks for stopping by to hear it! :)

  9. I got to watch the video and it made me miss you!!!! A lot!!! Waaah.


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