Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friday Fun: Minnesota Style, Fall Colors

"Nature gives to every season a beauty all its own." ~ Charles Dickens

It's no secret that I love Minnesota, but I must say that Autumn in Minnesota is one of my favorite times of the year. Actually, I don't know many people who live here who wouldn't say the same thing. The heat and humidity of Summer has dissipated, the frigid winds of Winter have not started to blow and the air is filled with the sounds of geese taking flight. I love to hear the rustling of the fallen leaves, see the bright blue sky like a canopy overhead and cuddle up in my favorite sweater. Ahh, Autumn. The only other time that rivals Autumn in Minnesota may be Spring, with Summer coming in a close second...

The Mississippi behind our house

Our front yard


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    We're eagerly awaiting fall here in the Sierra Foothills of California. The temperatures dipped into the upper 70s today, so there's hope summer will come to an end. I looked for trees turning earlier this week but have yet to see any. Soon?

  2. Wow! Those pictures are gorgeous!! :) Thanks for sharing!

    I just love fall!


  3. That's it. I'm coming to live least during Fall. :)

  4. Beautiful! And I thought New England had gorgeous foliage. lol

    It still doesn't feel quite like Fall hear in MA. Hopefully soon!

    Have a great weekend, Gabrielle!

  5. I'm with Jess. Clear out the guest room for us for next Fall. :)

  6. Keli - Minnesota definitely follows a pretty regular schedule as far as seasons go. In each season there may be "mild or severe," but I can pretty much guarantee that by this time each year the leaves are turning and the air is cooling. I bet it's beautiful in CA - I'd love to see it someday!

    Amber - I love fall, too! Yesterday it was really windy and a lot of the leaves blew off the trees, but there are still some pretty colors hanging around!

    Jessica - you'd be more than welcome to come - but I have a feeling you'd want to take off after the first snow fall! But - I plan to convince you that winter in Minnesota is just as beautiful...

    Heidi - we went to MA six years ago and it reminded me of Minnesota in so many ways. We have such beautiful fall colors here in Minnesota - especially in Central and Northern MN. I can't wait to go to Boston next year - when would you say is the best time to plan our trip so that we can see the fall colors? The second or third week in October?

    Donna - someday I'd LOVE to host a writer's retreat in Minnesota and then all of you could come and enjoy our MN hospitality and beauty. Did you happen to see the post about my childhood home? - I'd LOVE to have a retreat here. You can actually sleep in the Victorian Mansions, relax by the river and soak up the historical ambiance. *sigh*

  7. Those are beautiful pictures! We're enjoying fall here, and the leaves have been changing for awhile. Although, last night it snowed! Crazy.

  8. Lovely, Gabrielle! I think it's great how you enjoy the area where you live. I'm enjoying being back in the WV mountains, though our trees aren't looking the hottest this fall...

  9. Sooooo pretty! Hope it's still pretty in 2 weeks when I visit. :P

    Although...I heard it snowed in MN last night. Is this true? Do I need to pack my snow jacket ( I need to go BUY a snow jacket)?

    I love fall here too. It's actually only 75 today! It was 90 last week. Woot woot!

  10. Cindy - the leaves have been changing her for about three weeks and I think we have another week before they all fall. Such a pretty, but all too short, time of year.

    Heather - I've always loved living in our are - I was one of those odd teenagers who DIDN'T want to move away from my hometown. :)

    Lindsay - it might have snowed in some parts of Minnesota last night, but it didn't snow here (and if it did snow, it didn't stick by any means). The snow doesn't start to stick around until the ground is frozen and it's only been chilly for a couple of days, but the ground is definitely NOT frozen (it takes a good couple of weeks of freezing weather to freeze the ground). It's supposed to warm up this weekend - and it could still be warm when you come in two weeks. I'll definitely keep you posted. :)

  11. Beautiful, Gabrielle! The leaves are just starting to change around here, and I can't wait for them to be in full color. :)

  12. Beautiful Gabrielle! Thank you for sharing. :-)

  13. Sarah - don't forget to take some pictures! :)

    Ganise - you're welcome. Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

  14. Lovely photos! Our neck of the woods looks about the same. And so does my hair. The stylist went and umm, okay, I call my hair colour "sugar maple".

  15. Beautiful photos, Gabrielle! Thanks for sharing! Fall always seems to show up a little late here in CA, so it's wonderful to get a peek into the signs of fall from other states. : )

    Have a great weekend!


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