Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Next Step On My Writing Journey

In February I began this blog as a way to share my journey toward publication. In one of the first blog entries I shared an old Chinese Proverb: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."

I'm finding, on this road to publication, some of those steps are more like leaps and bounds, and some are like tiny shuffles, but each one takes me closer to the goal, especially when those steps are guided and directed by God.

On Thursday I'll be taking a huge leap. I'll be submitting my manuscript, for the first time, to two large publishing houses that requested it at the ACFW Conference last month in Dallas. I'm still amazed at how these awesome opportunities were presented to me and I can see God's handiwork all over it. I don't know what the outcome will be, but I know that no matter what, I was able to watch God weave together a chain of events that made this next step possible, and I'm still in awe.

I went to the conference with few expectations. It was my first conference, so I wanted to go and learn as much as possible. The first day I attended the My Book Therapy Pitch & Promotion Seminar by Susan May Warren and I had the opportunity to practice my fifteen minute pitch with her. I loved telling her my story idea and I was thrilled when she told me she liked it and thought I could sell it. She asked me who I was pitching to and I told her I had only made Mentor Appointments and didn't have pitching appointments planned. When my amazing writing friends, Melissa Tagg and Lindsay Harrel, heard that, they both offered me one of their pitching appointments - to the top two publishing houses on my list.

Armed with support and encouragement from my friends, I went into the two appointments with confidence and practice - and I came out of both of them with a huge smile on my face, and requests to see my work. (To all my writing friends, I have to admit, I really liked the pitching experience!)

After I submit my manuscript, I don't know what the next step will be on my journey, but I'm fully confident that God already has it laid out. I just need to walk in faith.

What about you? Have you seen God's handiwork in your life? Where are you at on your writing journey?


  1. Good for you!! God bless on this next step...

  2. Wishing you all the best on your submissions, Gabrielle.

  3. Yay, Gabrielle! This is so exciting. I just loved your pitch, the story is still in my head. :) I am constantly amazed at how God faithfully shows up on this writing journey with me. Especially when I get in the rut of negative self-talk. He never fails to give me a nudge or a push...depending on what's needed! I am in the waiting process right now. I have submitted all my conference requests, queried my top agents, and now, I wait. That's the hardest part, but I think God's using it just the same. Can't wait to hear about your next step...or leap! :)

  4. Go get 'em! Excited for you & yes, I've seen God's handiwork all over my life. It could only be Him--so full of grace & giving.

    I'm in a peculiar, but good waiting stage. :D
    ~ Wendy

  5. Awesome! So happy for you.

    And yes, I've seen the hand of God on my life. I'm still plugging away on my journey, about to tackle a rewrite for NaNoWriMo.

  6. I'm really excited for you to submit, Gabe, and I've got secret (or maybe not so secret) specific hopes for your next step on the journey! Haha! But I'm definitely praying for you and your manuscript...knowing God has perfect timing and the perfect publishing home waiting.

  7. Cheering you on as you take the next step ...

  8. Ruth & Keli - thank you so much.

    Angie - thank you for the great compliment! I still remember sharing my pitch with you (you were one of the people I practiced on!) I'm not looking forward to the waiting process, but I know it's part of the journey. :) I'm hoping and praying good things for you.

    Julie - thank you! It is a big step. My husband just asked me if I want to go out and celebrate that big step tomorrow night and I said yes! Celebrating the little victories is what it's all about.

    Wendy - I can't wait to hear about this stage you're in! Peculiar, eh? Everything on this journey is kind of peculiar, if you ask me. :) It's a whole different world and a spectacular journey to be called to walk. I'm praying for you!

    Jennette - good for you! I thought about tackling NaNoWriMo, but I'm in a point where I need to take a little break for a couple of weeks before I gear up for the next story. I won't be completely resting because I'm planning on doing research and reading another craft book, but I've been working so hard on this manuscript, I need to take a breather! Good luck with the rewrite - I hope it goes well.

    Melissa - I love your confidence in my book (and me!) I know what those not-so-secret hopes are, too. :) Thank you for reading my book and for all the great encouragement and help you've given me. You've been taking some amazing leaps lately, too!

    Beth - thank you! Your help at the Pitch & Promotion Seminar was the kick-start to a fabulous ACFW experience, and your hugs added support all the way through. :)

  9. Gabrielle, that is a huge step for sure. God opened some doors for you at the conference and I'm praying for you to march through them with results that bring joy!

  10. Praying wonderful things for you, Gabe! :)

  11. Wow, Gabrielle!

    How exciting! Praying God's continued hand in your life and in this new season.

    I'll bet hubby is thrilled that he got to be a part of convincing you to go with that surprise ticket!


  12. That is so great! And so exciting. Woo-hoo.

  13. I'm so excited for you, girl! Remember that no matter where your love for storytelling takes you, the author of the Greatest Story Ever Told is always on your side! ;)

    I'm praying for you as a daughter of the King, mommy, wife, and writer. Keep going strong!

  14. I love it when God makes His hand so obvious. :) His timing hasn't always been the same as mine on this journey, but I know I'm right where He wants me. There's overwhelming peace in that.

    Praying for you, Gabrielle!

  15. Jim - thank you, I'd appreciate prayer! Yes, God opened some incredible doors and I'll keep marching until He chooses to close them. Thanks for stopping by!

    Jessica & Lindsay - thank you, ladies!

    Becky - my husband is very happy he suggested I go! It was a bit of a stretch for us, but I know God's hand directed me to go and He continues to direct me. :)

    Kathleen - yay!! It is exciting. I don't know how long I'll have to wait before I hear back from the publishing houses, but I know that no matter what happens, God has a plan that's better than mine.

    Suzanne - thank you for the prayers and the encouragement. I do love telling stories and I know that God gave me that love for a reason - to glorify Him! I don't know what He has planned, but I know that no matter what, I'm in His hands and He's got this.

    Sarah - yes, there is peace in knowing that we're right in the middle of God's will. It may not always be where we think it should be, but He is faithful. Thank you for all your encouragement and help this past week!!


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