Monday, October 22, 2012

On a Deadline

I'm on a deadline for the next week and a half, so I've decided to take a semi-blogging break. What does that mean, you ask? :) It means I'm going to blog if I can get to it, but if not, it's because I'm working on my manuscript.

What about you? Are you on a deadline?

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Yeah, but it's self-imposed! ;)

    "See" you here Friday...I'll send you my post today!

  2. I'm on a mainly self-imposed deadline, though I do have an actual deadline quite aways into the future. But I like to work ahead. :)

    I'm taking a two-week blogging break in November. *gasp* When I first considered it, I had all this fear I'd lose all my readers and fall away from my online "family." But God reminded me that was silly. Sometimes we just HAVE to focus on something else for awhile.

    FYI, I read six chapters of your book this morning--swoon! Going to finish it tonight or early tomorrow morning before work, so you will have it by Tuesday morning at the VERY latest. :) I love it!

  3. Lindsay - I can't wait to get it and have you as a guest on my blog on Friday! Thank you!!

    Melissa - I know what you mean about taking a break, but sometimes it's unavoidable, considering the nature of what we do as writers! Besides, the closer you get to your book release, the more followers you'll get. I'm so happy you're enjoying my book!! I'm plugging away at making it just right and I appreciate any advice you have to give me. :)

  4. Always, otherwise I'd never get anything done.

  5. I need a deadline! Working on another book and though I have a goal for words-per-day, I'm just not anywhere near hitting it. Homeschool is getting in my way right now!

  6. You go girl!

    I'm on a deadline to finish my WIP before the end of the month.


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