Sunday, March 18, 2012

Father ~ Daughter Ball

Tonight my handsome husband took our beautiful daughters to their first formal dance, the Father~Daughter Ball.  The girls were excited (and a little nervous) to go on this adventure, not knowing what to expect at a formal event.  Hubby donned his best suit and the girls wore their Easter dresses, complete with necklaces handmade in Paris (gifts from my French friend, Michelle).
They took pictures, learned line dancing, listened to a special message about purity of heart, ate a steak dinner, received long stem roses and danced at their first formal event, with the first man who will hold their hearts, their daddy.

My daughters are blessed with a father who is a Man of God who understands that his relationship with his children is vital to the rest of their lives.  The foundation he is laying in their lives now will affect them for eternity.  He knows that he is a representation of God on Earth, that his children will first see Jesus in his life, his words, his actions and his daily walk.  He will equip our children with the belief that they have what it takes in life to accomplish what God has put them on Earth to do.  My daughters will know that they are valuable, beautiful and above all, loved.  They won't need to seek it from anywhere else, because they will have it where it matters most, at home.

Thank you, Hubby, for being the man who took our daughters to their first formal dance.  You are their Prince in Shining Armor and you are my hero, forever.



  1. How Beautiful Gabe!! Our Girls had an amazing time as well! You do such a wonderful job writing! Amber Rausch


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