Sunday, May 13, 2012

I've Been Nominated for an Award!

I'm honored to be nominated by my long time friend, and fellow writer, Jennette Mbewe for the Versatile Blogger Award. Jennette and I met years ago in our home school co-op, and though she's far away, I'm so thankful we've been able to stay in touch through our love of writing and our blogs!

Here are the award rules:
1.) Thank the person who nominated you.
2.) Share seven things about yourself.
3.) Nominate Seven Other Versatile Bloggers.

I've always been an open book, so I struggle to find seven things to write about myself that my friends don't already know - but since I'm blessed to have so many new friends out in the blogosphere, all of this will be new for you!

1. I am from a large extended family (14 aunts, 16 uncles, 35 first cousins + their spouses)
2. I worked for ten years at a Historic Site (House & Museum) before staying home full time with my kiddos
3. My parents were high school sweethearts and my 3 siblings and I all ended up marrying our high school sweethearts, too!
4. I love thunderstorms & blizzards (the weather condition and the Dairy Queen treat!)
5. My favorite month is June
6. I've been to 40 states in the U.S.A.
7. I have an amazing family tree that includes an ancestor burnt at the stake in 1555 (Thomas Hubbard), one that sailed to America in 1633 (Samuel Hubbard), a drummer boy for George Washington (named Gideon Burrdick) and I am descended from Edward I "Longshanks" King of England (b. 1239, d. 1307) by 27 generations. My family's genealogical record is well documented by, for which I am eternally grateful. :)

I am excited to nominate seven other Versatile Bloggers! I hope you get a chance to visit their sites, all of these ladies are so much fun to follow.
1. Melissa Tagg
2. Lindsay Harrel
3. Amy Matayo
4. Thoughtful Parenting - Beka
5. My Little Life - Missy
6. Sherrinda Ketch
7. Gwendolyn Gage


  1. Congrats on your award! I love the Dairy Queen treat myself! :)

    1. I worked at the Dairy Queen for two summers and I love it! My daughter visited the DQ last year in Kindergarten and they knew who she was and told her that they have a blizzard named after me because I'm the only person who ever asks for it. I get a cookie dough blizzard with brownies! Mmmm...

  2. Oh how fun. Thanks so much for nominating me! Now I have a blog topic for the future. :) I'll be sure to participate... :)

    Thanks bunches! It's been so much fun getting to know you through your blog, Gabrielle!

    1. I've enjoyed getting to know you, too, Melissa! Your blog is so much fun. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination, Gabrielle! It's been fun to get to know you. How cool about all of your family members marrying their high school sweethearts! Fun!

    1. It's been fun getting to know you, too, Lindsay! I always look forward to your posts. :) My parents were seventeen when they married - which takes the "high school sweetheart" award! The amazing thing is that my two sister-in-law's parents were also high school sweethearts and my brother-in-law's parents were, as well. My in-law's are the only non-high school variety - they met in college. :) It's quite a legacy.

  4. WOW, you have quite the family history! I sense some great stories behind those ancestors... ;-) Thanks for thinking of me, Gabrielle! I hope you had a great Mother's Day.

    1. My family tree is full of amazing stories and character. I have an ancestor I didn't mention, Rebecca Winters, who died on the Mormon Trail and was buried in Scott's Bluff, Nebraska - her grave is one of only three they've located - the other 2,500+ graves were never marked and lost over time. She has quite the story, as well. I would love to write about all of them some day!

      I had a wonderful Mother's Day - I hope you did, as well.

  5. Hi Gabrielle! Just popping my head through your cyberdoor to say hello. I loved the great metaphor for platform that you shared over on my blog. Great story. And the Iowa State connection! Very cool. :)

    Congratulations on your blogging award, and may God bless you in your writing endeavors here.

  6. Congratulations on your award! Looks like fun! And, wow, you do have a large family - but a really cool one, considering all your ancestors.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Caryn! Yes, my extended family is quite large. My mom has nine siblings and my dad has eight - add in spouses, cousins and now cousins' spouses and you can easily lose count. :) My husband's parents have six siblings each, so between the two of us we're always running into a family member somewhere - I think my children think they're related to everyone. :)

  7. Hi Gabrielle,

    Congrats on the award!

    I saw your comment on Jill Kemerer's blog and popped over here. I'm a new follower. :)


    1. Welcome, Susan! So happy to meet you and thank you for following my humble blog. I look forward to connecting. :)


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