Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Never Ending Projects

The back yard
One year ago, we bought our new house. I have to admit, we got it for an incredible deal - but it needed some work. It had been empty for six years and mice had infested part of it. We had to tear down walls and ceilings to get rid of the problem before we could move in.

My husband is a landscape designer and he owns his own company. In the winter he's home full time and he works on our house. In the summer he's busy from sun up to sun down, but he sneaks in a little time here and there to get projects done in our own yard - and there are a lot. We both love to dream and plan, which usually makes more work. :)

We started on the back yard first, since we love to entertain and that's where we do most of it. Last summer he built a fire pit and patio on our bottom tier and this summer he's been working on the steps and patio leading down to the bottom. It's a slow process, to say the least, but he gives it all he's got and I appreciate every moment of it.

The front yard
We've also started working on the front yard, because that's where we will have the children's play area. We had two trees removed on Saturday and now we're top dressing the yard so we can plant better grass. We were only able to get half the black dirt spread before dark last night and this morning it poured, so now our front yard is a mud pit! Next week we'll have a black wrought iron fence put in. I'm so excited to have a place to corral the boys!

There is so much more to be done and God is continuing to teach me about patience. It's a little easier now than it was ten years ago, but I have a long way to go.

What about you? Are you working on any projects? How's the patience holding out?


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  1. I love stone/brick you chose for the pathway. When we bought our home we gutted the kitchen and put in new cabinets that we stained ourselves, counter top & ceramic tile & a fresh coat of paint on all walls. I plan to post some pics of the process. The outside will have to wait but we've got plans. First, though, we need a privacy fence in the backyard. I would love to do a wrought iron fence in the front yard. current projects... What to hang on the walls in the bedrooms, bathroom and hallway... I'd love to do a mural in the kids' room, but we'll see. :)

    1. Did you do the work before you moved in - because you just moved in a few weeks ago?!?! That's a lot to accomplish in a little time. :) I love murals in children's rooms, what are you thinking of painting? When we bought our house last year my first order of business was removing all the nails from the walls - there were over a hundred of them! I've heard the people before us had the walls covered. I'm still finding random nails in the house. Good luck with all your projects, Jennette!

    2. Yeah, we closed Jan 18 and then moved in Feb 5...CRAZY We were staying up till 3am...

      For our little girl: I have a bookmark that this silhouette of a child reading a book sitting on a stem of bleeding hearts...but I doubt I will get around to it. I also was thinking of waiting til my kiddos were old enough to tell me what they would like on their wall as well. we'll see. We covered the paneling and they had TONS of nail holes we had to cover up with putty, it was crazy! I think in one of the kid's rooms it might have been a teenager's room cause it looked like maybe they hung up a bunch of posters over and over and over again. :)


      You too!


  2. It seems like we all have these little projects that we make lists of. Some take NO time at all, while others take years of patience and hard work to build up the $ supply to finance~ LOL~ We have those too!! We've lived in this house for over 7 yrs now, and each year I find myself adding more to the house, either inside or out. One year, I painted the kids rooms. THAT was fun....I know, painting doesn't sound like the most wonderful passtime, but when it is for two little people who you have a passion for, it makes all the difference. Another year we did our front walkway, we built a flowerbed. Last year we planted apple trees. This year.....I haven't decided quite yet. There are many projects still to be done, and I am sure that my list will continue to grow. One day I hope to sit back, much the way God did on the 7th day, and say "it is good" and rest. We'll see!

    Dave~ Your work is beautiful! Your family is blessed with someone as skilled as you to create such a beautiful place to rest and be together. I can only imagine all the wonderful memories to be made there!

    Enjoy your new patio and landscaping!

    Jennifer Bailey

    1. Jennifer, you make me laugh! One of the problems with owning a home is the work never ends! I asked Dave if he wanted to take Sunday afternoon off this week to rest and he said it's more restful knowing the work is getting done, than sitting inside napping knowing the work is still waiting for him. He really loves landscaping and creating a beautiful yard and is one talented man - but that means he gets more ideas than he should have, which means more work!

      Thanks for joinging the conversation today - I love hearing from you. :)

  3. I just finished the project of decorating my bedroom. I don't think that I have very much talent in that department (my mom was so great at it, but not me!), but I think I did alright. I made our bedroom into a cozy place to be and I'm proud of that. There's something to be said for planning and doing something yourself from start to finish! I'm not sure I could undertake an entire house gutting, though. You're a brave woman!

    1. The last home we owned for seven years and it was a major overhaul from attic to basement, inside and out and I would never want to do that again. This new house had some initial problems with the mice, but now that we've taken care of that, the rest is optional work - when we have the time and money. The outside is a little different, because my husband has clients who like to see his work and if they drive by or stop in, the yard should look semi-decent! Right now we call it the ghetto because it is in that torn apart stage where nothing looks good. Little by little... :)

      Decorating a bedroom is so important - it's nice to have a cozy place, a little oasis in the world. I'm sure it's beautiful!

  4. I'm not one for tons of patience, but I'm always waiting for something! Right now, it's waiting on the one "YES!" before my books are in print. :) Loved this post!

    1. Thanks for joining us, Jessica! I've loved your blog, it's always encouraging and thought provoking.

      Patience is a hard thing to develop, especially when we want something so much. I'm with you - I can't wait for the day I hear the same "YES!" - but I know I have a long road ahead of me. Good luck!


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